Tuscan Inspiration

check out my lovely friend Scarlets blog and her heavenly descriptions of the tastes of Tuscany.X

The Adventures of Moonie

This is my entry to a competition run by Tuscany Now which offers an extensive choice of holiday rental villas in Tuscany .

“Inspired by Tuscany”
What do you think about when someone says Tuscany to you? Is it the beautiful landscape? the weather? or the lifestyle? Does it inspire you?

To me the most inspiring part of Tuscany has to be the food, although I have never been lucky enough to visit that part of the world is has always been and always will be at the top of my list. In this modern world with internet, television and a food retailers that import food from far and wide we can experience another country at our dinner table, but I see so many people not take advantage of the lessons that can be learned.

Tuscany celebrates food and celebrates with food. Food is honored in many ways from the…

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