Breakfast at Tiffanys on the Big Screen

One of my fave all time films is the fabulous Breakfast at Tiffanys. But I have never seen it before at the cinema. So I was super excited when some girl friends invited me to a Ladies Night film screening of this wonderful Audrey Hepburn classic at our local cinema ‘The Grand’ in clitheroe. The Ladies Nights are on the first Tuesday eve of every month and they include a yummy two course meal and a movie for the very reasonable price of Β£12.50 per head.

Amazingly Some of the girls had never seen Breakfast at Tiffanys before. Incase you haven’t, the film is a 1961 romantic comedy concerning a kooky naive New York socialite Holly Golightly ( Hepburn ) and a struggling writer ( George Peppard-Remember him from the A-Team!) who live in the same apartment block. Here are some fab images from the movie: )

Holly singing Moon River.

Holly being woken up by her flatmate ‘Cat’

Holly and Paul larking about in cat and dog masks. Love this part of the film!

I love so many of the fabulous accessories Holly uses in the film. I am quite inspired to purchase a lovely blue eye mask , some big shades, a little black dress and er maybe even a young George Peppard. : )

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