Walking The Dog


Hi I thought I would share with you my other blog over at Shazza.blogspot.com/ called’ Nature spotters blog with a dog’which I got the idea for last year when we lived briefly near the beautiful river Ribble. I have always loved wildlife, having grown up in the countryside and you do spy quite alot of flora and fauna when out walking the hound. Jake our rather handsome black labrador , like all labs absolutely loves water so most days we headed to the river. Sometimes I took my camera and whil’st Jake was busy paddling I snapped away at various birds and flowers. Then spent an awful lot of time trying to coax a very wet Jake out of the water. I think he would live in it if he could!
Oyster catcher on the Ribble.

Peacock butterfly
We usually take Jake away with us whenever we go camping too so there are always lots of great photo ops especially in the dales and the lakes.
Swans and cygnet, Elterwater


Me & Jake sunbathing and camping in Silverdale

Hemp, River Ribble

More recently we moved closer to town and as Jake is approaching his 13th birthday we only occasionally venture down the fields to the river and walk more round the grounds of Clitheroe Castle.

Red Admiral & Tortoishell on budlea , Castle grounds

For more pics check out my Nature Spotters Blog with a Dog over on blogger. : )


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