What to do with your Vintage Tea Cups : )

Ooooooh I love teacups and I have about a zillion hidden around the house. Sssshhhhhhh don’t tell the other half.My teacup fetish is getting out of control! Most of us probably have a couple of them lurking in the cupboards unloved and unused. Here are some ideas on how you can make the most of them. : )

I love this teacup bird feeder. The spoon makes a perfect perch too. : ). For a tutorial check out Cap creations website.

Teacup candles are so easy to make and give off a lovely translucent glow. I make them and sell them at craft fairs and on my facebook page Mrs Tibbs Teacups & Candles. Instructions on how to turn a teacup into a pretty candle can be found in my July posts.

A simple yet effective cake stand can easily be created using pretty china plates & teacups and a tube of super glue.
Easy as that!

Why not turn your teacups into cute cactus gardens. Simply cover the bottoms with little stones for drainage and then plant in soil.Voila!

Mmmmmmmm Chocolate pudding in a teacup. Nom Nom. How decadent.The recipe can be found on thewhimsicalwife.com

Teacups & saucers make gorgeous trinket holders.If your handy with a drill ( Or in my case,know someone who is), you can buy the fittings very inexpensively on ebay.

Hope this post has inspired you to create some treasures with your teacups.:0)

12 thoughts on “What to do with your Vintage Tea Cups : )”

  1. I LOVE these ideas! I love teacups and must have hubs do the drilling so I can have a 3 tier holder like that! I’ve done the candle in the cup, that was fun, too. Thanks for stopping by casa de enchanted seashells!

  2. Hi thanks for calling by my blog and liking my trip to the seaside post πŸ™‚ Loving your vintage tea cups : I have a small *semi-secret* collection myself and would love to display it or even use it a bit more regularly! You have some great ideas.. I have just recently ventured into the world of vintage pink pyrex via eBay. Oh dear. It is pretty though. Maybe I’ll put some photos on my blog too πŸ™‚

  3. Your welcome, I really enjoyed your post.:) I Need to get to the seaside more!
    You should definatly get those teacups out and make use of them.Candles are a fab idea and you an reuse the cups after you have burn’t the candle.The Pink Pyrex sounds lovely.

  4. Hi there, glad you liked my post on Horsham, I’m enjoying looking through all your posts. I’ve seen bulbs planted in teacups before, but not seen cacti. I think these look even better, the contrast between the pretty cups and macho plant works really well, must try this, thanks.

  5. So many good ideas. I love the tea-cup candles and the bird-feeder. We have someone at our farmers market doing those. My fave is the planters. I sooooo love it. I’m a vintage freak, (wrote a novel girlinthejitterbugdress.com), and a tea lover! So happy to find your site πŸ™‚

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