Ten Tim Burton Films.

Last night the bf and I watched ‘Dark Shadows’ Mr Burtons latest kooky movie to be released on DVD. It was an apt choice for Halloween and got me thinking that actually most of his films are dark and shadowy yet cartoonish capers that are perfect to snuggle down with at this time of year.Even better if you have saved a few of the trick or treaters sweeties to nibble on too.Ra a ahhhh!

1) Edward Scissorhands. Our hero, who happens to have scissors for hands, falls in love with a beautiful girl.
2) Big Fish. A son tries to learn more about his dying father by reliving bizarre stories he told about his life.

3) The Corpse Bride. A corpse bride whisks a prospective groom to the land of the dead not realising he is in love with someone else.

4) Mars Attacks! The Earth is invaded by Martains with a cruel sense of humour.

5) Alice In Wonderland -19 year old Alice returns to the magical land of her childhood.

6) Sleepy Hallow -Ichabod Crane is sent to Sleepy Hallow to investigate some terrible murders that coincide with the appearance of a headless horsemen.Only trouble is he faints at the sight of blood!

7) Beetlejuice – A recently deceased couple contact the services of a bio-exorcist in order to remove the obnoxious new owners from their house.

8) A Nightmare before Christmas – Animation about Jack Skellington discovering Christmas. : )

9) Dark Shadows – A vampire imprisoned for 200 years (well, 196) is set free and returns to his ancestral home where his dysfunctual descendants are in need of his help to rid them of the family curse.

10) Frankenweenie – Animation about a young boy who brings his beloved pet dog back from the dead with some unintended and sometimes monsterous results.

I havn’t included all Tim Burtons films but I think these ones contain all the right amounts of creepiness and Kookyness.I wonder if the Burton/Bonham Carter household have had many trick or treaters tonight?? Bet they throw a quirky Halloween party!

An evening of Burlesque!

When I heard that there was going to be a burlesque and cabaret evening in my hometown I just had to reserve a table.After all its not every day that the stunningly talented ‘Susie Sequin’ and her fellow equally gorgeous performers from ‘The Looking Glass Burlesque’ grace sleepy little Clitheroe.

This is a poster for a future event.

It is true my friends and I didnt really know what to expect! Was it really appropiate to be going on a girls night out to what could be little more than a female strip show?? But we needn’t have felt apprehensive.We had a fabulous evening!

Firstly the venue was lovely.The St Marys Centre in Clitheroe is an old church hall on Church street with olde worldy beams and its very own stage. All the tables were decorated with confetti and feathers and flickering candles. Secondly there was  a bar so we shared a couple of bottles of wine.Always a plus!

Enjoying the show!

The Burlesque acts were very tastefully done.A couple were a little unusual! Here is ‘Deadly Nightshade’ who changed into a werewolf during her time on stage.Sorry my pics are a little dark.


Susie Sequin was definantly one of our favourite performers.She did an elegant yet cheeky dance with pink feathers.;)



There was also a comic magician and a lovely vintage style singer too.Here are some of the acts on stage together at the end of the show.

susie sequin

We really did enjoy ourselves and hope the Looking Glass Burlesque perform here again soon.Maybe next time we will bring our

A little piece of Russia………..in the Yorkshire Dales.


You wouldn’t expect to discover a little piece of Russia in the Yorkshire Dales.Thats what we found in the pretty town of Skipton yesterday.The lovely Russian Tearooms are situated on the High street near the historic castle. Being that the October Yorkshire weather was sunny but chilly( not exactly baltic but close!) we decided to drop by for some hearty russian grub 🙂

Inside you wander into a wonderland of russian dolls,pretty porcelein,furry russian hats and bottles and bottles of vodka! The tearooms part are upstairs.

The staff are so friendly and they are all dressed in authentic russian costume 🙂


There is an extensive tea menu for all you tea lovers out there.But we decided on a black coffee and a Siberian Winter Hot Chocolate.I had the chocolate of course…


The bf decided to try this winter warming beef and potato stew called    Zarkoye         served with bread.He said it was yum.


And I went for a bowl of Borsch which is a beetroot and beef soup  which came with soured cream and pampushki( garlic dough balls).Heavenly!


We never tried the cakes but there were plenty on the menu to tempt all sweet tooths.

Then after we paid we went back downstairs to browse round the treasure trove of a shop.



If your ever in Skipton and fancy something a little different go and take a look.

Autumn colours in Instagram.

Taking our dog around the park today I was struck by the gorgeous colours and thought I had better snap away before Winter arrives with an icey blast.


Here is Clitheroe Castle.It is getting quite famous in my blogs! The Castle is an ancient keep and one of the smallest in Britain.:)


I have played around with the Instagram ap on my phone which is a great way of brightening up your photos.Colourful leaves carpet the ground everywhere.



I tried to get a good pic of Jake but he had a real speed on as he crunched through the fallen leaves.


I especially loved the golden hue of this tree.


I hope you enjoyed my Pictures in the Park.:)



Vampire Reads.

I was looking in my bookshelf over the weekend as I need to reaquaint myself with Breaking Dawn before part two of the film comes out next month–Whoop Cannot wait!) and I realised that I do own quite a few Vampire novels.There is definantly something addictively attractive about the vampire myth and now the nights are drawing in and Halloween looms, getting cozy by the fire with Edward Cullen or Vampire Bill or Casper Varn sounds like a spookily good plan. : )

One of my favourite classic gothic stories is of course Dracula by Bram Stoker.It is written in the form of letters and journal entries and concerns a young solicitor ( Jonathan Harker) who is summoned by the mysterious Count Dracula to his castle in Transylvania to finalize a property deal. Little does he know that the count is a blood sucking vampire who will travel to England and unleash a terrible evil on his fellow countrymen including his true love Mina. Can the renowned Dr Van Helsing and his band of slayers help them…..

I love to read Charlaine Harris’s ‘Sookie Stackhouse’ series which you may have heard of as it is the inspiration for the HBO tv show True Blood. Sookie is a waitress who can read minds ( though she tries to keep this particular talent to herself as people don’t like her for it) and one night she meets Bill who is tall, dark and handsome and the only person ever that she can’t hear thinking.So far, so good! But it turns out Bill is a vampire and Big Trouble. Sookie’s life is changed forever. Dead until Dark is the first book in the series.

‘Let the Right One In’ by John Ajvide Lindqvist is a vampire novel I have to recommend.It tells the story of a twelve year old boy Oskar who befriends the mysterious
Eli only to find she has a dark secret-she is a 200-year old vampire,forever frozen in childhood, and condemmed to live on a diet of fresh blood. This is essentially a story about friendship and acceptance and the Swedish subtitled film version is absolutely brilliant too.

Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Graveyard Book’ is a real treat to read. Ok it is really for children but I loved it. It is the story of ‘Bod’ who is really quite normal….except his home is a graveyard, he is being raise
d and educated by ghosts and has a guardian who definatly looks and acts like a vampire.Bod has plenty of adventures in the graveyard but the real danger lies outside in the real world….for that is where the man called Jack lives and he has already killed Bod’s family.A spooky yet charming read.

Of course I must include ‘Twilight’ in my list.Stephanie Meyers bestselling saga is a classic romance between a mortal and a vampire.Twilight is the first book in the series and is written from the perspective of Bella Swan who has just moved to a gloomy rainy town called Forks.At school she meets Edward Cullen who has porcelain skin and is incredibly handsome and there is an instant attraction. But Edward is a vampire who has managed to keep his identity a secret and never fallen in love….until now.But the closer Bella gets to Edward the more she puts herself and her family in danger. Ooooh I can’t wait for the next film installment!

I am currently reading ‘The Dark Heroine’ by Abbigail Gibbs. I have only read a couple of chapters so far but it is holding my interest and looks to be another mortal meets sexy vampire romance. 🙂

I would love to know your favorite Vampire Vampire Stories??

Beautiful Baby Shower.

Baby showers are a fab exscuse for a girly get together and a great way of spending time with and making a fuss of the proud mother to be :)My only experience of Baby showers was watching episodes of Sex & The City and Friends featuring them.So I was intrigued and delighted to be invited to Robins which a few of her best friends had aranged for her.
They have been popular in America for years now so its good that such a lovely tradition is now taking off in the UK.


If your ever invited to a friends shower it is customary to bring a gift for the expectant mum.A couple of girls made this fab Nappy Cake! And cupcakes always go down a treat.:). I made a cute candle simular to this fragranced with baby powder.Your quite welcome to Check out my fb


page Mrs Tibbs Teacups n Candles if you like this idea.X
Robins shower was held in a room in The Emporium Wine bar in Clitheroe which was the perfect venue and looked lovely decorated with balloons and bunting.Hiring a venue or holding the shower in a house ( not the mum to be’s though, she should be able to relax in the knowledge she doesn’ t have to clean up after its finished!) are both great ideas.


A fun idea at the baby shower was that we all wore name tags featuring words to do with babies and pregnancy.We had to call each other by the names on the tags or do a forfeit.It was very easy to slip up!  Here is Robin aka Mother Goose with the only boy allowed young Evan aka Big Brother.Cute! Other nametags included Epidural,Dribble and Breast Pads.Tee Hee


Other games we played included : Guess how many jelly babies in the baby bottle and Guess the measurement of Robins baby bump.



We also wrote messages to Robin and the baby in a pretty personalised book and made birthday cards for him/her to open each year.


Mostly it was just a lovely time to catch up with the girls and enjoy spending time with Robin before the baby comes.A fab time was had by all.:))

Update Robin had a beautiful baby girl called Juliet five days later!

Ginger Chocolate Pots.

Well its National Chocolate Week here in the UK so Im doing my bit by trying out this fabulously simple yet decidently divine recipe ‘ Ginger Chocolate Pots’ , which I found on the brilliant blog http://www.domesticsluttery.com



100g Green & Blacks Dark Chocolate & Ginger bar.

175ml double cream

pinch of salt

crystallised ginger

1).Melt your chocolate in a glass bowl over a pan of simmering water ( or in the microwave ).
2).Once the chocolate is melted remove from the heat, add a pinch of salt and slowly stir in the double cream until the mixture is thoroughly combined.
3).Pour the mixture into 4 expresso cups ( Ok i used my teacups :- ) you might need to double up on the recipe for 4 teacups).
4).To serve, remove from the fridge and garnish with crystalised ginger.

Yummy! X

Making your own presents?

Baked By Mummy Iris

For one week, chocoholics unite and indulge more. It’s National Chocolate Week. I must admit, I indulge whenever 😉 No need for any reasons!

This is the best time to show off our new ‘coming soon’ products! We have already been taking pre-orders for them as they are so popular! Here’s a preview of what’s to come to Baked By Me on Wednesday. They will be available to buy on our website and I am able to send email invoices if you prefer. More fabulous news, we will be able to post them internationally. Just message or email me at hello@bakedbyme.net

Hope you agree with me that they are too adorable and FABULOUS. No fuss needed, just melt any chocolate, pour them in the moulds and allow to set.

Most of them are £3.99 and delivery is £2.99 no matter how much you order. Bring on Wednesday! Woohoo. Hope you have a…

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Memories of Morocco

OOOOh a little bit of sun today. Though not the kind that gives out much warmth! My boyfriends brother and his wife are on the second day of their stay in Marrakech. On our recommendation they are stopping in the same lovely riad as we did two years ago. I am so jealous! So I thought I would post a few of the pictures we took on our trip. Hope they inspire you to visit too…..

Here is our room in the beautiful and elegant riad darhani in the medina of Marrakech. Staying in a riad which is a typical moroccan townhouse with rooms looking on to a tranquil inner courtyard makes for a more interesting and authentic trip.

The souks are full of amazing colour, sights and smells

The main square in Marrakech ( jemaa el fna ) is amazing during the day and at night. A world heritage sight, it is packed full of colourful water carriers and snake charmers during the daylight hours.We liked to sit and watch the world go by wil’st sipping mint tea. In the evening hundreds of stalls hook up to a gas supply and cook up lots of interesting moroccan dishes.

I don’t know about you but a holiday is not a holiday without a seasidey bit. Three hours drive away from Marrakech is the beautiful fortified harbour town of Essaouira. We hopped on the locals bus and headed for a few nights stay on the coast . You don’t really want to do the locals bus unless you fancy the whole sharing your seat with farmers and chickens! We found out on the way back that the much more plush and air conditioned Supertours coaches are quicker, more comfortable and exactly the same price.Typical!
Beautiful Essaouira.

Blue fishing boats

the view from the hotel every morning : )

cats and tagines.

So if you do visit Morocco why not take in both vibrant Marrakech and the more chilled Essaouira with its great stretch of beach,wind surfing and fresh seafood restaurants.Wow I want to go back there now!

Autumn walks.

I was mean’t to be doing a bit of retail therapy this wknd, but I have been laid low with a bug ( sigh ) so shopping will have to wait : ( Had to get out for some fresh air today so me and the doog headed down the fields with the camera.I got a few shots but I have also incoporated a few pictures from a previous walk.Loving the autumn colours.

Speckled Brown Butterfly

Robin red breast

Back home and the view from my room.