Beautiful Baby Shower.

Baby showers are a fab exscuse for a girly get together and a great way of spending time with and making a fuss of the proud mother to be :)My only experience of Baby showers was watching episodes of Sex & The City and Friends featuring them.So I was intrigued and delighted to be invited to Robins which a few of her best friends had aranged for her.
They have been popular in America for years now so its good that such a lovely tradition is now taking off in the UK.


If your ever invited to a friends shower it is customary to bring a gift for the expectant mum.A couple of girls made this fab Nappy Cake! And cupcakes always go down a treat.:). I made a cute candle simular to this fragranced with baby powder.Your quite welcome to Check out my fb


page Mrs Tibbs Teacups n Candles if you like this idea.X
Robins shower was held in a room in The Emporium Wine bar in Clitheroe which was the perfect venue and looked lovely decorated with balloons and bunting.Hiring a venue or holding the shower in a house ( not the mum to be’s though, she should be able to relax in the knowledge she doesn’ t have to clean up after its finished!) are both great ideas.


A fun idea at the baby shower was that we all wore name tags featuring words to do with babies and pregnancy.We had to call each other by the names on the tags or do a forfeit.It was very easy to slip up!  Here is Robin aka Mother Goose with the only boy allowed young Evan aka Big Brother.Cute! Other nametags included Epidural,Dribble and Breast Pads.Tee Hee


Other games we played included : Guess how many jelly babies in the baby bottle and Guess the measurement of Robins baby bump.



We also wrote messages to Robin and the baby in a pretty personalised book and made birthday cards for him/her to open each year.


Mostly it was just a lovely time to catch up with the girls and enjoy spending time with Robin before the baby comes.A fab time was had by all.:))

Update Robin had a beautiful baby girl called Juliet five days later!

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