A little piece of Russia………..in the Yorkshire Dales.


You wouldn’t expect to discover a little piece of Russia in the Yorkshire Dales.Thats what we found in the pretty town of Skipton yesterday.The lovely Russian Tearooms are situated on the High street near the historic castle. Being that the October Yorkshire weather was sunny but chilly( not exactly baltic but close!) we decided to drop by for some hearty russian grub 🙂

Inside you wander into a wonderland of russian dolls,pretty porcelein,furry russian hats and bottles and bottles of vodka! The tearooms part are upstairs.

The staff are so friendly and they are all dressed in authentic russian costume 🙂


There is an extensive tea menu for all you tea lovers out there.But we decided on a black coffee and a Siberian Winter Hot Chocolate.I had the chocolate of course…


The bf decided to try this winter warming beef and potato stew called    Zarkoye         served with bread.He said it was yum.


And I went for a bowl of Borsch which is a beetroot and beef soup  which came with soured cream and pampushki( garlic dough balls).Heavenly!


We never tried the cakes but there were plenty on the menu to tempt all sweet tooths.

Then after we paid we went back downstairs to browse round the treasure trove of a shop.



If your ever in Skipton and fancy something a little different go and take a look.

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