Tasty Tortilla Pizza :-)

Tea tonight was simple and tasty.An easy peezy variation on Pizza which my lovely friend Becky told me about.She often makes these for dvd nights,snacks and yep even tea!
You will need

Pack of Tortilla wraps
jar of red pesto
proscitto ham or salami
sliced olives
fresh basil to garnish( I forgot this 😦  )
Parmesan shavings( forgot these too!)
Black pepper to season.


Your base is…….a tortilla wrap of course.
Simply spoon a little red pesto onto your wrap and spread evenly.


Then choose your topping.Things did go a bit pear shaped at this point as I turned my back after putting some ham on my pizza…..only to discover our pet cat Tibbs whipping it away.Catastrophee!

So I started again and created mine with mozarella,salami,capers and olives.


About eight minutes in the oven at 180 degrees and your tasty tortilla pizza is ready!


Garnish with fresh basil and grated parmesan or if you forget to buy them like me….sprinkle on the black pepper. Repeat several times.You might want more than one!


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