Christmas in Kettlewell.

This year we decided for the first time to go away for Christmas. We booked a tiny cottage with a log fire in the Yorkshire Dales. We packed our wellies and headed for the lovely village of Kettlewell in Wharfedale.
Kettlewell is a very christmassy looking village with a couple of inns and lots of pheasants.The folk there are very friendly and everyone seems to own a couple of dogs……which was good for us as we took along our labrador Jake.Well Christmas would not be the same without him!

The Blue Bell Inn is dog friendly.
The Blue Bell Inn is dog friendly.

Both pubs in the village are dog friendly and popular with families and walkers.We ate in the Blue Bell and The Racehorses and they both served excellant food. If you like your real ales then both have a good selection especially the Blue Bell.
kettlewell 040
We knew before we booked that we were unlikely to get any mobile phone reception in Kettlewell. Looks like the locals had given up on theirs!
A jar of mobiles in water!
A jar of mobiles in water!

The village was very prettily decorated with lights and christmas wreaths hung on everyones doors. ๐Ÿ™‚
kettlewell 005
kettlewell 007
kettlewell 034
Kettlewell also has a couple of tearooms.I only tried out ‘Zarinas’ which serves a vast selection of teapigs teas and delicous home made cakes.

There is a very well equipped Village Store, a Youth Hostel, an outdoor shop and a picture gallery in Kettlewell too.It is very popular with walkers as there are hills to walk up with great names like ‘Providence Pot’but as we have an aging labrador we restricted most of our ramblings to around the village and along the river.
kettlewell 028
one day we did have visitors. A couple of our friends bought their kids over and we had a lovely meal out and then did alot of splashing in puddles and admired one particular house which had a festive display of santas and snowmen.:)
kettlewell 046
But most of the time we just snuggled up by the fire. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think we will definatly go away for Christmas again oneday.Kettlewell is somewhere we would stay at any time of year.
kettlewell 025


I wouldn’t say that I am a religous person but I guess as I’ve got olderย ย  church has begun to come back into my life a little more.This is probably due to children.I don’t have any of my own but I do have a little nephew and niece and four godchildren.The lovely thing about this time of year is ‘The Church Nativity’ and usually I would definatly be watching one.This year though I will miss my nephews as my sister and her family have moved away and I will miss my god daughters nativity too as I’m on hols over Xmas.
I did manage to see my hometowns Nativity parade though.My god daughter Bronte dressed up as an Angel.:)
xmas 001

Here is the crib in town which is lit up every night.


One of my work collegues is very clever.She actually knitted me Mary,Joseph and baby Jesus.A Knitted Nativity! I took them up to my sisters when I visited this wknd gone and my niece and nephew loved them.I think I will add to them every Christmas.A knitted donkey and a knitted shepherd next year maybe….


What Should I take with me on My Christmas Break In TheDales ?

This year the boyfriend, the dog, and I are going away for Christmas. I’m quite excited as we are off to a cottage in the Yorkshire Dales.A roaring log fire,beautiful countryside and three pubs and a tearoom all on our doorstep.Yay!
However I have on good authority that we will have no mobile signal in the village.Yikes! My boyfriend is very happy about this as he isn’t into social media at all.So whil’st he is cheerily pulling on his walking boots,I will be moaning the loss of Facebook,Twitter,wordpress and everything else I take for granted on my android phone. But not for long I hope! Instead I plan to make the most of an Internet free few days:

I hope to get out and about with my camera and see if i can take a few good wildlife shots like this picture of a bluetit I came accross on a walk back in October. ๐Ÿ™‚
wildlife 008

I definately have to catch up on my reading.’A Street Cat Called Bob’ has been waiting patiently on my bedside table for a while now. It is a true story about a stray ginger cat who befriends a homeless busker.Bob certainly looks a cutie on the front cover and his story is supposed to be an uplifting and heartwarming read.
moby2012 110

I make enough lovely fragranced teacup candles so I will have to pack one to burn myself me thinks : )
moby2012 100

Last Christmas my friend Fi got me this pretty cat brooch to make and I haven’t got round to it yet.So this is definatly on my list of things to do. I might also try making some pom poms! Yes I need to get a bit crafty!
moby2012 109

And of course everyone probably has at least one classic Christmas film they have never watched but really should.In my case it is an old movie called ‘Its A Wonderful Life’ starring James Stewart.I hope I can find a copy…..

No doubt there will be quite alot of walking too and quite alot of sampling real ales in the local inns…and maybe some romantic evenings in by the fire ๐Ÿ˜‰

How are you going to spend your Christmas holidays?

A Retro Xmas Pud : )

Hey I found a fun Christmas recipe recently on the fabulous rosalilium blog ( written by one of her guest bloggers ,the lovely Kathryn,writer of the equally awesome blog Kat got the cream( You really have to check out both their blogs if like me you love retro and vintage and pretty things. ๐Ÿ™‚
Anyway I thought I would have a go at Kathryns Easy Peasy Retro Xmas Pud.
All you need for this 70s inspired pudding is:

1 packet of choc chip cookies
Sweet Sherry ( I used amaretto as couldn’t locate any sherry!)
small carton thick cream
small carton creme fraiche
Sprinkles to decorate ( I also used choc chips)
a retro christmas ornament( optional)

Mmmm spinkles
Mmmm spinkles

The general idea is to dip each cookie in the sherry,fix together with the cream and creme fraiche mixture,cover entirely with the rest of the cream and creme fraiche mixture,put in the fridge for a couple of hours, decorate with sprinkles and serve. For a more detailed method pop along to http://www.rosalilium.comLots of Christmas cheer going on there.X

A December Wknd.

Well it has been a cold clear and frosty wknd.Quite a change from the usual grey and drizzle.I have enjoyed spending time with friends and even finished my Christmas shopping.Sorted ๐Ÿ™‚

On saturday i went to lunch with the girls.One of my friends is getting married in May so we had a good gossip about that.

We had lunch in the Emorium.Love these glittery disco ball stylie lights.

We had a good look round the shops and enjoyed the festive displays.


And look how blue the sky has been in Clitheroe!

Library clock and Blue Blue Sky


We had fun trying on fascinaters in one of the local shops and went for a brew in my fave tearoom Callooh! Callay!


In the evening I did a mini craft fair in a nearby village then my boyfriend Wil and I met up with some of Wils family and had a few drinks in the pubs.I had lots of mulled wine.:)

Today has been more lazy.Ive spied a few cheeky animals though.

A cheeky squirrel.

Love these Llamas!

How have you spent your weekend? x