I wouldn’t say that I am a religous person but I guess as I’ve got older   church has begun to come back into my life a little more.This is probably due to children.I don’t have any of my own but I do have a little nephew and niece and four godchildren.The lovely thing about this time of year is ‘The Church Nativity’ and usually I would definatly be watching one.This year though I will miss my nephews as my sister and her family have moved away and I will miss my god daughters nativity too as I’m on hols over Xmas.
I did manage to see my hometowns Nativity parade though.My god daughter Bronte dressed up as an Angel.:)
xmas 001

Here is the crib in town which is lit up every night.


One of my work collegues is very clever.She actually knitted me Mary,Joseph and baby Jesus.A Knitted Nativity! I took them up to my sisters when I visited this wknd gone and my niece and nephew loved them.I think I will add to them every Christmas.A knitted donkey and a knitted shepherd next year maybe….


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