Today the boyfriend and I decided to head up to Keswick in the Lake District.He loves all the many outdoorsy shops and I’m never going to say no to a day out in such a picturesque setting. 🙂

We got there just before lunch.It was a cold and clear fine day (At Last!) and our tummies rumbled their way to The Lakeland Pedlar.


The Lakeland Pedlar is a hearty wholefood cafe popular with cyclists.It serves a comprehensive menu of great veggie food such as Black Bean and Beer Casserole and ‘Pedlars’ Hot and spicy Chilli. We are not vegetarians.We just like to go there cause the food is so darn tasty!

My Mediterranean Mezze.
My Mediterranean Mezze.

Wils Hot 'n'Spicy Chilli.
Wils Hot ‘n’Spicy Chilli.

The decor in the Pedlar is Vintage Bicycle inspired.There was formally a bike shop above the cafe but that has now moved to elsewhere in Keswick. A few cyclists still stopped by for grub though.The clientele included families with young children,walkers,cyclists and a couple with a very cute ‘Sportsman Lucas Terrier’ so doggies are welcome too.
keswick 003

After our delicous meal we went for an amble round the shops.Even I got a bit outdoorsy and bought a scarlet coloured North Face jacket reduced in the sales. 🙂
Both of us were pretty impressed with this tipi in the Nordic Outdoors store.

I want this Tipi :)
I want this Tipi 🙂

A trip to Keswick is not the same without a wander down to the lake.Derwentwater is 3 miles long by 1 mile wide and is surrounded by pretty wooded fells.You can take a pleasure cruise around the lake but we just decided to enjoy the view from the launch. We could just make out a dusting of snow on the distant mountains.

silly goose.
silly goose.


The boat coming in.
The boat coming in.

After the lake we decided to check out another of Keswicks tourist attractions , the ‘Puzzling Place’. The Puzzling Place is an exhibition of optical illusions and puzzles in Museum square.We had a fun time figuring out the illusions.And yes some really did Amaze! One for the whole family.

The anti gravity room.
The anti gravity room.

Just enough time for coffee and cake before we headed home.I decided we had to visit the Wild Strawberry Tearooms just because they looked so pretty. 🙂
keswick 019

And the cake tasted good too.So much for my diet!


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