Films to snuggle up to with your Valentine ( or a tub of Ben and Jerrys :) )

Well its approaching that Hearts and Flowers time of year again… I thought I would share with you my TOP TEN list of movies to watch with your Valentine, or on a girls night in, or snuggled up with a furry cat face and a grumpy black labrador. 🙂 Some of my choices are old, some are more recent.They are all firm favorites of mine!

10) Under The Tuscan Sun(2003)
under the tuscan sun
Diane Lane plays a writer whose life is in a real mess when a good friend offers her ten days in Tuscany.Once there she impulsively buys a ramshackle old villa,throwing herself into a life changing adventure filled with unexpected surprises,friendship and romance.Could well make you rush and book a dream holiday to Italy!

9) The Ghost and Mrs Muir(1947)
ghost and mrs muir
A gentle atmospheric romantic comedy about a young widow (Gene Tierney) and her little daughter who move into a lonely English seaside cottage which is haunted by a former occupant ,Rex Harrisons grumpy seafarer Captain.LOve this film 🙂

8) When Harry Met Sally (1988)
when harry met sally
This charming Manhatten romantic comedy starring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal examines the age old question “Can a man and a woman stay just good friends? ”

7) Grosse Point Blank (1997)
grosse point blank
John Cusack is Martin whose Career as a Hitman has lost its appeal.With one Last Job, A ten year High School Reunion and a shot at rekindling a romance with a girl he stood up on prom night all on the agenda,this is a fun comedy packed with action and laughs.

6) A Life Less Ordinary( 1997)
a life less ordinary
Poor Robert ( Ewan Mcgregor) has been replaced by a robot at work, made redundant and been dumped by his girlfriend all on the same day.Not the most promising start to a kooky rom com which features Cameron Diaz as the spoilt brat bosses daughter he kidnaps and Holly Hunter and Delroy Lindo as a couple of gun toting angels 🙂

5) Some Like iT Hot (1959)
some like it hot
Screwball comedy starring Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon as musicians who accidentally witness the Saint Valentines Day Massacre and go on the run with a women’s band disguised as…..Daphne and Josephine! They both become enamored of the bands gorgeous vocalist ‘Sugar Kane’ (Marilyn Monroe) who has sworn off male saxaphone players and vows to bag’ a sweet bespectacled millionaire ‘ instead.Madcap hilarity follows!

4) Bridget Jones Diary (2001)
bridget jones diary
Our favorite Single thirty something staggers through the perilous world of dating in this modern take on Jane Austins Pride And Prejudice. 🙂

3) Twilight (2008)
Ok I admit it I am a BIG Twilight fan.So There! Teen Romance starring Kristen Stewart as ‘Bella Swan’ a high school student who falls in love with the dazzlingly beautiful ‘Edward Cullen’ played by Robert Pattinson, only to discover he is a vampire.And his skin Dazzles in the Sun.Tee Hee 🙂

2) Bridesmaids(2011)
Kristen Wiig takes on the role of Maid Of Honor for her best friends wedding with an eccentric cast of bridesmaids. I laughed out Loud so much when I saw this film at the pictures. Lol Lol :0)

1) Breakfast At Tiffanys (1961)

Holly being woken up by her flatmate 'Cat'
Holly being woken up by her flatmate ‘Cat’

I love this whimsical tale of a country girl trying to make her mark as a New York socialite. Audrey Hepburn is alluring as ditsy Holly Golightly who stares longingly through the window of the famous jewellers whenever she feels blue ( or gets the mean reds!) and George Peppard is a frustrated writer who falls in love with her. And she has a cute cat companion, Cat. X

Hope you enjoyed my Valentines Top Ten. Feel free to add any film treats to the list!

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