Orton Farmers Market.

Today on the way to visit family near Penrith we spied a sign saying ‘Farmers Market, Orton’. Of course we love tasting  local produce so decided to take a little detour.:-D.
It turns out the market is held every Saturday in this pretty Cumbrian Village. There were a scattering of stalls in the village centre and some indoors too.




A couple of folk singers perform from their wagon.

We purchased some tasty treats including a soft scottish cheese rolled in oats and black pepper, Bessy Beck smoked trout pate and a decadent chocolate covered meringue.
I also noticed a sign saying Bric A Brac and an arrow pointing to the church so dragged a rather reluctant boyfriend inside.

All Saints Church

I am always on the look out for a pretty vintage teacup or two but I didn’t uncover any at the Church sale.:-/ I did buy this rather fine brooch for £1 !


And when I saw Mum later I discovered she had found me 15 Teacups! I am now all set to make lots of gorgeous teacup candles for my first craft fair of the year next wknd in Whalley.Thanks Mum 😀


Also in Orton there is a rather nice Chocolate Shop called Kennedys.They already have an  enviable Easter Egg display.

The Tasty treats we purchased today.

Can’t wait to tuck into the goodies !

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