Teacups and Tails.

Anyone who reads my blog may realise that I love my Vintage Crockery and I also love my animals.My blog post today combines the two.:-)

A nice cuppa refreshing Orange,mango & cinnamon tea.

Im relaxing with a cup of Twinnings tea.I love the fruity blends and this one is soo delicous.My plan for this year is to save a few teacups from my teacup candle craze, keep one of the divine cake stands I get my lovely bf to drill and …….acquire a teapot.Then I can maybe invite some friends over for Afternoon Tea. 🙂

Pretty Cake Stands.

I had a fab wknd doing my first craft fair of the year and managed to sell the two beauties above.I also met a few adorable dogs with long waggy tails!Tails and Teacups shouldn’t mix but I would have forgiven a few breakages……the dogs were so cute.:-D
Anyway I sell my candles and cake stands under the name of Mrs Tibbs Teacups ( Mrs Tibbs is actually my cat and the brains of the operation lol ) so hey maybe Teacups and Tails do go together.

Tibbs not letting me use the Lap Top.
Jake the dog mostly just wants More Tea......of the food variety.

Also at the wknd I bought a frame for this lovely picture of Boxing hare I purchased from a little gallery in my Mums home village at Christmas.Love it!


Before I go I will just mention my friends dog Sparkie who went missing on a dog walk on Valentines day.

Look at This Face!
Look at This Face!

Don’t worry there is a happy ending.Sparks ran off into the woods after catching the scent of a deer. Usually he would come back but this time my poor friends spent five hours looking for him in the cold and dark before giving up for the night. They shot up there early next morning and there was Sparkie looking wet and bedraggled on the end of a kindly dog walkers lead, who had found him nesting in some leaves and mud under a tree.Tears of joy and straight home for breakfast and a kip in front of the fire. 🙂

Sparkie none the worse for his time in the wild.
Sparkie none the worse for his time in the wild.

I love a Happy Ending. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Teacups and Tails.”

  1. Aw I Love Collies. 🙂
    Yes thank goodness.You hear about so many lost dogs.It was a massive relief for my friends.Our lab Jake is getting to old to wander off for long.X

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