Carnation milk jelly :)


Here is a pudding my mum used to make my siblings and I when we were little.It is incredibly quick and simple to whip up and children will love it.:)

I was only reminded of it whils’t glancing through my copy of ‘ Miss Dahls Voluptuous delights’ by Sophie Dahl. This is a lovely cook book by the way! In it I found her own family version named after her sister Clover.

Clover’s Carnation Jelly


Serves 4

1 packet of strawberry jelly
125 ml/half a cup of hot water
1 can evaporated milk
slices of strawberry
swirls of cream and curls of grated chocolate to decorate if you wish.

Dissolve the jelly in the hot water.when cool, whisk in the evaporated milk until thick and frothy.Leave to set for at least two hours.Decorate with whatever you like! Sophie says the camper the better 🙂
I kept mine simple, strawberry slices and wafer daisies.


Enjoy x