Nigella’s Peanut butter cookies.

Are you in the love peanut butter camp or hate peanut butter camp? I’m firmly in the former….unlike my bf who always looks horrified when I get the jar out of the cupboard.Nuts hey!
I have fond childhood memories of going round to my friends Emmy and Arwen’s house to play…….and enjoy their mums plentiful supplies of newly baked peanut butter cookies.Scrumptious they were too.:)
So I thought I would have a go at making Nigella’s Peanut butter cookies and I’m hoping the other half might just change his mind about peanut butter.



The recipe worked out fine though I think i did leave them in the oven a tad longer than the 10-12 mins Nigella suggests. All in all they are quick,easy to make and a real sweet treat.

Hmmm now what do you think about peanut butter on toast……..with marmite?? 😉

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