Sightseers and Silver Linings.

It’s not often I get to see two great new films on dvd ,both in the same week.But hey I have been most fortunate in that in these past few days I’ve enjoyed watching a rom com about mental illness ( not two descriptions one would always put together I admit) plus a hilarious black comedy about caravan capers in the North of England.;)

The Silver linings Playbook stars the gorgeous Brad Cooper as Pat who moves back in with his parents after serving eight months in a mental institution for losing it and beating up his wife’s lover in the shower. Determined to get his life on track he embarks on a keep fit regime in order to win his wife back and escape from the family home and their obsession with american football. A chance meeting with a girl with some big problems of her own, Tiffany ,played by the Hunger Games Jennifer Lawrence, results in a at first reluctant friendship. Both agree to help each other out,she will pass on a letter to his ex wife if he becomes her partner in a dance off competition. The result being that they each find their own silver linings.:)
sl playbook 1

My favourite part of the film is Pat and Tiffany's dance entry. :)
My favourite part of the film is Pat and Tiffany’s dance entry. 🙂

Sightseers is a British black comedy about a couples caravan holiday around the North of England.Chris wants to show Tina the places that hold most significance to him and Tina has never managed to get away from her domineering mother before so a road trip touring round the yorkshire dales and the lake district in his beloved caravan seem a great idea……
But Chris didn’t reckon on annoying litter dropper’s, smug newer model caravan owners and over enthusiastic pooper scooper’s conspiring to ruin their road trip! A few deadly accidents soon occur.

Tina trie's to convey her feelings for Chris in a letter at Keswick Pencil Museum.
Tina trie’s to convey her feelings for Chris in a letter at Keswick Pencil Museum.


One of the many amusing things about Sightseers to us was the fact that as occasional campers ourselves we have actually visited many of the locations in the film.The Ribblehead viaduct,Castle rigg stone circle,Fountain Abbey,the yorkshire dales, Keswick etc. Maybe we should hire a van and do our own Sightseers inspired road trip? In fact we were only in Keswick on Saturday! But Wil would not entertain a look around the infamous Pencil Museum.:( I shall have to write him a letter…..

Have you enjoyed any good films recently? Any recommendations?

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