One Whole Month!

I’m feeling rather smug and rather satisfied. I’ve managed to survive the Blog Every Day In May Challenge set by the lovely Elizabeth of Rosalilium .And although I occasionally changed the suggested topic I was able to post something every single day .Hurrah!

One of the best things about the challenge ( apart from the great sense of achievement I’m feeling right now. 😀 ) is the fact i have  discovered lots of lovely new blogs. And the bloggers themselve’s all have interesting things to say. Here are just a few I have enjoyed reading ( and will remain to do so) through the month of May.

Picklers Mum
Words that can only be your own.
The Finchs Beak.
Plastic Rosaries.
Is that You Darling?
Lace Lapin
Olive and Harry

So as the sun sets on the BEDM challenge its time for a tea cup toast.

I am having strawberries and cream side kick and my mate Becky is going to try Limoncello.Well thats what was lurking in the sideboard!
Along wirh French Fancies of course.:-D

What on earth shall I blog about in June? x

See you soon……..x

Who Inspires you?

Wow this is a difficult topic. There are so many people I know who I find really inspiring for different reasons. Confidence, Strength, Generousity, Creativity,Get up and Go~ some of the many qualities I admire are found amongst my own lovely friends and family. Here are some of the wonderful people I find simply inspirational.:)

My Mum~mum bought up my sister,brother and I single handed after Dad died which must have been really hard.She has always been there for us all through our ups and downs.

My SisterYvonne is my little sister and she has two adorable kids and has ran her own successful business for years.She has now been brave enough to aim for a different kind of work life and packed up her family for pastures new. I admire her for what she has achieved already…..and for what she will achieve in the future.

Becky I’ve mentioned my friend Becky in a previous post.She is warm and generous and always listens and gives excellent advice. I will say with Becky , you are always in capable hands~ even though she has been in imense pain with her own hands after a fall for nearly two years now.

Johanna is a friend who I always admired for being a beautiful person inside and out…and admire even more now for the fact that she teaches part time and takes care of her two lovely children, one of who’m has autism.

Fi my mate Fi is one of those persuesive people who can get people to do absolutely anything.Her organization skills are legendery…and inspirational!

Jacko and Jo Wow this couple ( good friends of ours) were always unfazed by what life threw at them….even when it threw the worse kind of curve ball- cancer. I wish that optimism had seen them through but it was not to be. Jo battles on looking after their little boys, raising money for cancer research and trying to live her life. She is for sure the bravest person I know.

My Lovely Boyfriend I have to mention my other half.He inspire’s me in many ways but especialy by being an amazing multi-tasker. He must have been born a woman in a previous life!

My Craft Fair Friends I have been lucky enough to meet some awesome and gifted people through doing local craft fairs.Especially Tracy and Lisa who are just so creative with wonderfully generous spirits.

LOu Lou is an old school friend who lives an awesome life in Canada. She was fabulously brave moving away from home and setting up a new life and new career as an occupational therapist.She hangs off rock faces and skis down mountains and is now a canadian citizen. Oh and despite having had two serious ski accidents in the past few years she has battled to walk again….and ski again. How inspirational is that! The picture in this post is of Lou and I at Crystal Cove,Tofino, Vancouver Island.

Who Inspires You??

This post represents day 30 in the #BEDM challenge. Wow nearly there folks.X

Morning Rituals.

Mornings vary in this house hold with different start of work times and alternate shifts. Every other Wednesday though ( thats today !) Wil and I have a morning where both of us go to work around lunch time so yay a lie in……

When i’m on stupid time earlies my alarm goes off at 4-30am and then I leave it on snooze for half an hour. Yes I am one of those annoying people who have to wake up gently and in stages. Abrupt awakenings are not for me! Luckilly the boy friend has got used to my mornings and carries on snoring.

As soon as the alarm goes off we are usually joined by Mrs Tibbs here anyway who insists on nudging us with her nose and meowing vocally until one of us gets her breakfast.


Some mornings I take our dog Jake out for his walk and some mornings Wil does. Every other Wednesday we take him round the park together. Jake has his own morning rituals including watering every lamp post/ tree trunk and saying Hi to every other hound. He is quite sociable for about a minute then gets all old man grumpy.


Once home we both have coffee and toast ( Jake gets fed once a day at tea time….plus any titbits he can scrounge).


And we like to watch Frasier which is on ch 4 in the mornings. What are your morning rituals?


This post represents day 29 in the BEDM challenge.

More loveliness at Callooh! Callay!:)

I just had to nip into Callooh! Callay! today for a cuppa and a piece of ravishing Rocky Road on the way home from work. Well it was pouring down with rain.What better place to shelter than a quirky tearooms/vintage shop? 🙂

Old tins.
Love this dress.
Flamingoes in the lavatory 😛
Look for the bunnys B-)
Cute annual cover.
Vintage Brooches.
Guarding the treasures.
My yummy rocky road.:-)

Callooh! Callay!  is situated on Moor lane in Clitheroe, Lancashire. Drop by for a brew some time.x

This post represents day 28 in the Blog Every Day in May challenge.

Wildlife and Wild Garlic.

may days 031may days 017This morning was sunny and breezy with a threat of rain drops. I thought I would take a walk down the fields and to the river before my overtime shift at work this afternoon. Ha I wish I had just stayed at the river, maybe under one of those large fishermen’s brollys.

Today I came across an abundance of sand martins who are nesting in the banks of the brook and the river.Also a thick carpet of wild garlic in the woods. I will have to go back and pick some. Apparently you can use this aromatic native plant in lots of recipes. Heard the clear song of the curlew and spied a pheasant in the grass. I even saw an elusive Jay but he flew off before I could get a picture.
blossom 007
may days 001
may days 009
may days 014
may days 012
may days 018

may days 021
may days 025

This posts represents day 27 in the Rosalilium Blog Every Day In May challenge.

What wildlife lives near you?

Pictures ~ wild garlic, Cross patch cat, Black headed gull, Bluebells, Cuckoo Pint, Rabbit,Dandelions, Red Campion, Pheasant & Grey Wagtail.

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party please…..

I’ve been nosying through my old copy of Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass quite a lot recently. The plan is to have a Mad Hatters type tea party to celebrate my birthday later in the year. There is a quirky Alice inspired tea rooms called ‘Callooh! Callay! near where I live , which I have booked already.Talk about organized!

So my fantasy dinner party would actually be a tea party and my fantasy guests ( other than my lovely friends ) would probably be a motley crew of Wonderland characters. The Mad Hatter would be there of course no doubt dipping his pocket watch in his tea and I would save a place for the Dodo because he looks so distinguished. I adore cats so the Cheshire cat, or at least his grin :), could sample a jam tart or two.There should definitely be some royalty so maybe The King and Queen of Hearts could reside over the proceedings.Maybe not The Red Queen as she seems a little to generous with her execution orders. The Birthday girl would like to keep her head. I would ask the Lion and the Unicorn as long as they don’t fight to much for the crown…….and they must provide Plum cake.I would be chuffed to see a rocking horse fly and maybe a bread and butterfly at the table. And Alice too accompanied by the lovely doe eyed fawn. In fact everyone should pull up a chair!
cheshire cat
alice and fawn
lion and unicornrocking horse fly

As for the menu ~~there will be lots of tea and cake of course. Researching the stories, the food in Alice and Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass is not terribly exciting…..but i’m sure it could be adapted. Plenty of bread and butter appears,Turtle soup ( hmmm maybe not! ),Mutton Pie,Plum Pudding,Comfits,Tarts and er dry biscuits. I’m quite liking the sound of Looking Glass Cake though that divides itself into portions when served. 🙂

Alcohol is even mentioned a couple of times. Here is an odd little rhyme :

Then Fill up the glasses with treacle and ink,
Or anything else that is pleasant to drink;
Mix sand with the cider, and wool with the wine-
And welcome Queen Alice with ninety-times-nine!

I might stick to Pink Champagne!

This post is for the BEDM

Festival Fun.

I must admit I have not bought an album in years and don’t ask me to download anything~ I wouldn’t have a clue. However that is not to say I don’t like music. Wil and I have been to a few gigs including the Red Hot Chillies ( love them ), Stereophonics ( love them…but still managed to fall asleep in the M E N, not like they wern’t loud or anything! ), Blondie  ( Debbie Harry rocks ) and Morrisey ( the floor was bouncing).

Wil has never been to a Music  festival.Funny that as he enjoys music and he likes camping. But not the two together it would seem!

Eleven years ago I decided I had to go to a music festival before I was thirty. So I managed to experience three in the space of twelve months.:-D

T In The Park.

My first ever festival was in the summer of 2002. Five of us headed up to Scotland, turned back when we realised someone had forgotten  their tickets ( not me amazingly!) and then set off up to Kinross again. It turned out a fun few days with lots of sunshine and some darn good sounds. Oasis were the headliners but not the highlights for me. My best band memory were by far No Doubt. Gwen Stefani belting out I’m Just A Girl as she climbed up the scaffolding on the stage in a tartan kilt. Awesome! And do you remember the Manchester band The Doves? Their anthem Pounding blew me away. I also remember wearing a hat was a god send during the Oasis gig. Apparently people who were throwing beer…… were  ahem ,not actually throwing beer. Lovely!  The wknd finished with us all experiencing a ceili ( some of us for the first time) which was fun.:-)


In June 2003 a few of us tried to get hold of tickets for the music festival everyone wants to go to. Glastonbury.  The only person who was successful in our group of friends was Fi…..but she only managed to get two tickets. Happily it was me she asked to accompany her. Hurrah!  Our camping mistake was to pitch our little pink tent right next to the dance tent. We did wonder why no one else had set up camp there…….until Fat Boy Slim did his Anyway Glastonbury was ace.  My fave band memories were of Feeder and The Flaming Lips. The Flaming Lips especially. Life size animal balloons anyone? Or were the flying pigs something to do with that fudge I sampled which made my feet so heavy I couldn’t pick them up off the floor. I had to rest under a tree whist Fi kept an eye on the ‘I’m a Hippy Get Me Out If Here’ camper van which was full of stoned hippies. Glastonbury was very much about peace and love as well as the music….

Leeds Festival

My final festival was in August 2003. Leeds Festival was where I got all my clothes stollen ( apart from the pjs I was wearing ) and the tent I borrowed had twenty poles missing. Things turned out ok though. My friend Jo let me share her tent and the festival wardens retrieved a van full of stollen apparel. I got my clothes back plus a few extras!  I don’t know who that Metallica t-shirt belonged to but it was in my bag.
My fave band memories were Placebo ( My personal highlight), Electric Six( Danger Danger High Voltage) and The Polyphonic Spree ( think they actually recruited a new member from the audience~not sure if they were a band…or a cult).
The last evening at Leeds was quite hair raising. I remember we were to scared to go the loo in the night (those festival loos did hum a bit), as people were burning their tents and dancing round camp fires naked. All a bit Lord Of The Flies!

So there you have it.My Music Festival Memories. 😉
Not sure that reading this will help my cause with persueding the other half to go to one with me…….

This post is part of The Rosalilium Blog Every Day In May Challenge.

Crafty Vintage Fair.

Today I took my tea cups along to the Crafty Vintage fair at the st Marys centre in my home town of Clitheroe. Crafty Vintage fairs are held here on the last saturday of every month. Here are a few snaps I took of some treasures on sale. I ended up buying several birthday gifts and some treats for myself. Couldn’t resist. 😀









Love these kitsch coasters by tile productions.


I definitely recommend buying presents from craft fairs as there are so many talented people creating unique and beautiful gifts.:-D
This post represents day 25 in the Rosalilium Blog Every Day In May Challenge.x

Feast in my fridge.

Todays  Rosalilium Blog Every Day In May challenge topic is all about the contents of one’s fridge. Well confession guys ! On a usual day I couldn’t tell you whats in our fridge………….because it is almost always my other half who does all the food shopping. And he does most of the cooking too! Shocking! Yep! I know I am extremely lucky. When we moved in together we had both lived on our own ( apart from a few diversions) for quite a while. Cooking was never my forte. Give me a ready meal any day! Wil , however quite liked to cook, ( he finds it theraputic?? ) so…..many years later he still likes to cook. And as I work in a supermarket, food shopping is to much of a busmans holiday, right.;)

What is in my fridge??

This morning I did look in the fridge……….and well it wasn’t very inspiring. There is quite a bit of salad in there, the remains of a cooked chicken, a pizza from sainsburys and a tub of crab pate. We are loving Innocent OJ at the mo and the rose wine is my fave.Ok I bought it It today from our local wine shop.I had loved it in a restaurant we visited and tracked it down.Its called ‘Burlesque’ and its the most easy to drink rose wine ever. Its a californian Zindfandel with a hint of strawberries and cream.:)

The contents of my fridge.

What goodies are hiding behind your fridge door? x

The Greatest Compliment.

The greatest compliment anyone has ever paid me has to be…………asking me to be a god parent. 🙂

I am fortunate enough to be god mother to four beautiful girls. I’m not a maternal person and have never wanted children of my own so I feel very lucky to be complimented in this way. My eldest god daughter Mady is almost sixteen now and my youngest Bronte is nearly two. Lydia is three and Imogen (who is also my niece) is three in July.

Imogen last year.
Imogen last year.

Arwen,Mady and I back in 2008.
Arwen,Mady and I back in 2008.

Lydia and Bronte.
Lydia and Bronte.

I am very honored to have been chosen as god mother to such lovely girls. What an amazing Compliment!

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