Five Facts About Me.

Hi there this is my first post in the RosaliliumBlog Every Day In May challenge !
I’m pretty scared as writing doesn’t come that naturally to me.It would be so much easier if i was a walking talking Thesaurus. I really must invest in one of those! Happily Elizabeth who set the challenge has suggested a subject to write about each day.Today’s topic is simply ‘Write five lines about yourself’ Hurrah,I think I can do that!

Me and my lovely sister at a wedding last year.
Me and my lovely sister at a wedding last year.

I am obsessed with buying teacups much to my boyfriends dismay,he is especially unhappy after stubbing his toe on a bag of teacups I had lying around recently.Ooooops!

I really really really want to visit Iceland and am determined to treat myself to a trip to the land of ‘Ice and Fire’ next year.

I am one of life’s Permanent pedestrians ( I just can’t tell the brakes from the accelerator! )

I have about 30 Photo albums,I’m always the annoying friend who insists on capturing everything on camera!

I am a rubbish cook~watching my boyfriend cook, with a glass of wine in my hand is much more my style. 😉

So there you have it.I’ve made it through the first post.See you tmoz……x