Five Facts About Me.

Hi there this is my first post in the RosaliliumBlog Every Day In May challenge !
I’m pretty scared as writing doesn’t come that naturally to me.It would be so much easier if i was a walking talking Thesaurus. I really must invest in one of those! Happily Elizabeth who set the challenge has suggested a subject to write about each day.Today’s topic is simply ‘Write five lines about yourself’ Hurrah,I think I can do that!

Me and my lovely sister at a wedding last year.
Me and my lovely sister at a wedding last year.

I am obsessed with buying teacups much to my boyfriends dismay,he is especially unhappy after stubbing his toe on a bag of teacups I had lying around recently.Ooooops!

I really really really want to visit Iceland and am determined to treat myself to a trip to the land of ‘Ice and Fire’ next year.

I am one of life’s Permanent pedestrians ( I just can’t tell the brakes from the accelerator! )

I have about 30 Photo albums,I’m always the annoying friend who insists on capturing everything on camera!

I am a rubbish cook~watching my boyfriend cook, with a glass of wine in my hand is much more my style. 😉

So there you have it.I’ve made it through the first post.See you tmoz……x

8 thoughts on “Five Facts About Me.”

  1. Lovely photo, you’re both so pretty 🙂

    Ha ha – I like your style of ‘cooking’. Watching someone else do it while you sit back with a glass of wine in your hand, sounds like a good idea!!

    Good luck with the BEDM challenge x

  2. Just stopping by from the BEDM list – great post! I also want to visit Iceland, I want to see the Northern Lights. I’m not great at being cold though, so we’ll see!

    I’m loving finding all these new blogs to read! Good luck with the rest of the challenge, I’ll keep on reading 🙂


  3. Gah commenting from the WordPress app is rubbish! Meant to say that I have a sainsburys bag full of trios cluttering up my living room floor as I type! My boyfriend is equally unenamoured! Enjoy the challenge x

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