A Day In the Life of Me…..

So I thought I would document my day using Instagram.I chose Wednesday.The sun was shining and with my camera phone at the ready I snapped away.:)

I was woken up by this Furry Cat Face in my sleepy face.Its Mrs Tibbs herself.:)
The view from my bedroom.Love that Chimney!
Breakfast Ready! Toast with Orange and Ginger Marm and strong black coffee.
Out with the Hound.He's an old boy now but still has excellent dribbling skills.;)
Bought a few plants from the garden centre.Im hoping we don't get slug infested this year!
Off to work a shift in a certain supermarket.I work on the deli counter.Lovely Olives.:)
Had a lot of help from my work collegue Cheryl.She's a handy gal to have around!
Finish work quite late.Its off to bed with a good book....

So there you have it.A very typical day.Oh and the book by the way, i’m still only on page 19.Been to busy reading lots of fab #bedm entry’s.:)

This post is part of the Blog Every Day in May challenge over on http://www.rosalilium.com/

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