To The Small Celandine.

As you know my blog is named after a cheerful sunshiney flower that splashes its golden colour around woodlands,fields,hedgerows and gardens as soon as Spring arrives.In fact the pretty star-like celandine is one of the first signs of spring,usually appearing from as early as February.

The Humble Celandine.
The Humble Celandine.

This year Spring has been a little hesitant in arriving …..but now seems to be blossoming.Just like the comely carpet of celandines below.:)
Dancing Daffs on a carpet of celandines.
Dancing Daffs on a carpet of celandines.

Here is a poem I found by William Wordsworth.

To The Small Celandine.

Let them live upon their praises;
Long as there’s a sun that sets
Primroses will have their glory;
Long as there are Violets,
They will have a place in story:
There’s a flower that shall be mine,

Tis the little Celandine.

Wordsworth wrote two other poems featuring the sunny celandine.And the flower can also be spied in c s Lewis, The Lion,the Witch and the wardrobe.:)
What is your favourite Spring flower?

This post is part of The Blog Every Day in May challenge on Rosalilium.

7 thoughts on “To The Small Celandine.”

    1. I love primroses too.:)
      we had a little wood on the farm where i grew up with a stream whose banks were covered in primroses.Happy memories.:-)

  1. I’m going to look out for more celandines, when I’m out and about now. Beautiful photography πŸ™‚ xx

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