Five Favourite Blogs.:)

I have been blogging on WordPress now for, goodness,nearly nine whole months.Before I started I was inspired by other bloggers and thought ahah….maybe I can do this too.:) I must say one of the loveliest perks of blogging is getting to read some amazing,informative,amusing and intriguing insights into people’s every day lives.And Photo’s!There are some amazing photographers out there in the Bloggersphere too. It’s practically impossible to choose five of my favorites as all the blogs I follow ,are of course absolutely awesome. πŸ˜‰
Here though is a quick list of my current five faves :

Jem describe’s herself as a Vintage Clutterbug πŸ™‚ This blog is so beautifully written and such care is taken with every descriptive detail. If you love vintage and thrifting and pretty things you will adore Beautiful Clutter.A feast for your eyes.

Beautiful Clutter.
Beautiful Clutter.

The Blonde Coyote. I never tire of reading about Mary’s travels in her teardrop caravan accross the United States.Accompanied by her two dogs Bowie and Dio and occasionally a half deaf coyote called Freckles ,Mary is an experienced Hiker and certainly discovers amazing out of the way places.Her photo’s are breathtakingly stunning.

The Blonde Coyote.
The Blonde Coyote.

Draped In CloudletsRike lives in Cologne and I love how she documents her days by photographing the cityscapes,nature,art and the lovely outfits she often makes and sews herself.Plus I love the title of her blog ‘Draped In Cloudlets’

Draped In Cloudlets.
Enchanted Seashells Comfessions of a Tug Boat Captains Wifeis a feisty and entertaining read.This lady with attitude always has something to say about anything and everything.She doesn’t shy away from any subject and she really is a Tugboat Captains wife which often presents its own challenges.;)
]Enchanted Seashells. Enchanted Seashells.

Olive and Harry I love reading about Tracy and her mad menagerie of animals.She lives in a forest,helps run a farm for rescued rare breeds,quite often gives up her house to a motley crew of mischievous goats and sews and knits darling creations to raise money so they can all live happily ever after.:)

Olive and Harry.....and Gretel the Goat making herself comfy!
Olive and Harry…..and Gretel the Goat making herself comfy!

Hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do. Please take a peek at them all.X

This post is linked to the Blog Every day in May challenge at Rosalilium.( another awesome blog πŸ™‚ )