Ode to Social Media.

Today’s topic on #BEDM is What is your favorite Social Media? I admit I’ve become a little to much reliant on it recently.I’ve loved Facebook for a few years and since blogging and discovering Twitter I seem to be checking my phone constantly.Living with a guy who isn’t into social media at all can prove a challenge.He often says I disappear to often into my virtual world. I think he may be right! Luckily he seems to be coping so far.Not long after May is up we will be off on a camping trip where lack of phone reception may force me to live in the real world.;)
cat you tube

In the morning I take a Look
At what’s new since last night on FaceBook.
I have to know what News I’ve missed.
It’s usually quite a long list.
With my brew I like a treat.
A chocolate biscuit and a Twitter Tweet.
The sun is shining,
I’m out with the dog.
As we walk ,I think up idea’s for the blog.
With my camera phone, as I’m a fan,
I record my day on Instagram.
For more fab pics I look with Interest
at the pretty board’s I follow on Pinterest.
Maybe now It’s time for a social media Hiatus.
Though not before I update my status.;)

Hope you liked my ditty!