Friends Forever.

Today’s Blog Every Day in May challenge is about Best Friends.I definitely know I am very lucky to have some great friends.They have been there for me through amazing happy times and helped me out emotionally and practically through some dark times.I am blessed indeed. It wasn’t always the case.Years ago at the end of a seven year relationship I found myself feeling distraught,lacking in confidence and well pretty alone actually.It was my all my own fault.Through our relationship I had let all my friendships slide.I hadn’t bothered to cultivate any new ones. I had simply invested all my time in my other half.Which looking back was incredibly unhealthy .My only excuse is that I was young and stupid. As lovely as my family were at this time, they lived miles away and after visiting them for a couple of weeks I found myself back home alone in an empty house surrounded by memories.( sob sob). I did feel rather sorry for myself 😦

Embarassingly, (though actually luckily) my sister Yvonne had informed her best mate Becky about my predicament. She actually told her to befriend me because ” My sister has No Friends of her own “, Cringe! Cringe! Becky though seemed only to happy to take me under her wing. She forced me to start eating again ( break up diets are the best way to lose weight ,mind),tried to teach me to cook and failing that made me loads of freezer meals, listened to my tearful outpourings about my ex( even at god knows what time in the morning ),took me out and about,introduced me to new people,helped me with a post break up makeover and generally helped me regain my confidence so I could get out there again and make new friends and loved ones.Becky is still there for me today.She is absolutely my greatest friend and Yvonne’s too.I have my sister to thank for that. 🙂

My sister, me and our best mate becky.
My sister, me and our best mate becky.

Over the years I have made sure I have made time for the friends I got back in touch with and the new friends I am lucky enough to have made. Friendship is such an important gift and cannot be taken for granted.

Andy,Anne ,me,Suranjan and Fi at our friend Jo's wedding.
Andy,Anne ,me,Suranjan and Fi at our friend Jo’s wedding.

Tonight will be all the more poignant as we will be out celebrating the life of one of our good friends, Andy who died a year ago from cancer.Andy was one of those happy go lucky individuals who would do anything for anyone. I remember meeting him when I was doing bar work and he was always giving me massive tips ( which I kept giving him back in his change ;0) and he soon became part of a group of mates that I was fortunate enough to have found. I think tonight will be a very good do indeed.:)