Good Traditions.

Today’s topic on the Blog Every day in May challenge is all about traditions!

To be honest I don’t have many of my own traditions.Perhaps I need to make some. Meanwhile I have often gatecrashed other peoples traditions. 🙂

One of the nicest ones was egg rolling down Pendle Hill. Quite a few Easters ago a few of us walked to the top of our local mountain. Ok it is actually a hill. All hills seem like mountains to me.:)
We took with us a picnic….and some hard boiled eggs we had decorated with felt pens.Once we got to the top we ate our sandwiches and attempted to roll our eggs down the slope. As I recall mine didn’t get very far! The tradition of rolling Easter eggs is meant to be symbolic of the rolling away of the rocks from Jesus’s tomb.

Jo and I nearing  the top of Pendle Hill.
Jo and I nearing the top of Pendle Hill.

Suranjan and I with our decorated eggs.
Suranjan and I with our decorated eggs.

Another Easter custom I have joined in with is our friend Darrell’s Good Friday walk.This one doesn’t have any religious significance. His family have simply planned a long walk every Good Friday for years and years.Over time more and more of their friends have joined them.Often with dogs.And now the walks have been adapted to include prams and push chairs.Its a great family tradition. 🙂

The Good Friday walk usually includes a stop off at a beer garden. :)
The Good Friday walk usually includes a stop off at a beer garden. 🙂

Ooooh I do recall a tradition I myself like to keep up with.When we go away I always like to buy a Christmas decoration to bring back for the tree. This can be a challenge in the middle of summer. But I usually spot something.In fact on holiday in Sorrento, Italy there was a shop devoted to Christmas, in the middle of July. So I came home with some bright Bon Natalie Bells. I also ask my friends to keep a look out.

What traditions do you like to follow? X

6 thoughts on “Good Traditions.”

  1. I am not good at traditions, I don’t think we really uphold any at the moment but maybe one day! I LOVE the egg rolling thng though – love Pendle Hill we used to visit lots when I was younger.

  2. I think most of our traditions seem to revolve around food and baking in our house depending on the time of year we are celebrating! Special recipes that are brought out year after year. I like to buy a new Christmas decoration for the tree each year too.

  3. Lovely post! I love egg rolling, but haven’t done it since I was a kid. I love the sound of picking up tree decorations throughout the year – such a lovely idea 🙂 x

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