Thirteen year old me…

1987 was the year I spent most of aged 13. I was a shy and awkward teenager.Short with the worlds most horrendous hair cut ( sorry I am not going to put a photo up ~ it looks like a mullet!) and to make matters worse I had to wear a brace on my teeth…..and I had fangs. So you see I looked like a boyish midget vampire.I was not exactly photogenic! Though maybe I could have been cast in The Lost

I grew up on a farm. As a child this was idyllic and I have very happy memories. As a teenager I spent most of my time pining for escape. My friends lived in a nearby town ( which didn’t seem nearby to my 13 year old self, there being no buses.) and as I recall I spent a lot of my time on the phone to them.Our telephone was in the farm house pantry.Yes if you wanted to chat to friends you had to sit on a cold stone slab , surrounded by pickled eggs and slabs of meat.If it was put there to keep our calls short, It didn’t work. My sis and I would brave the chill and chat endlessly to our friends on that old fashioned avocado green rotary phone.

Being farmers daughters we grew very attached to the animals.Probably to attached. With our cousins who lived next door we would hide kittens and pups from our dads and granddad, whose idea of controlling the ever increasing population was to drown them in the water troughs in the yard.:( At 13 I was desperately trying to find homes for the endless supplies of baby animals among’st my school friends.It didn’t occur to Granddad especially, that simple operations at the vets would solve the problem. Farmers are very frugal ( tight arses! ) with their money.

At 13 I went abroad for the first time .Ok it was only the second year trip to Le touquet in Northern France.But it was somewhere totally different to our camping holidays in Scotland. Happy memories of ordering crepes au chocolat in cafe’s, playing french cricket,sipping orangina,rides in a french fun fair and shopping for our own food in a gigantic hypermarche. These were all new experiences for a country bumpkin like me! Photo’s I still have from the trip show me wearing pink ski pants, a reversible mickey mouse sweater and a denim jacket.Was that actually the fashion back in 1987?

Did I have any luck with boys aged 13?? Well that is a resounding no! I did have a big crush on a boy two years above me at school which lasted until he left in the fifth year. Lunch breaks were spent strolling arm in arm with my mates round the perimeter of the school. We always strolled the opposite way to him and his group of friends so we could accidently on purpose bump into them. I was much to shy to speak when my so called friends would push me into him and laugh and run away. Sigh. The highlight of our ‘non relationship’ was when he asked me if he could borrow my calculator for a maths exam……and he had to write his initials inside the cover in liquid paper. Swoon.

I think my other crush was Rick Astley.( Cheezy!) ‘Never Gonna Give You UP’ was a massive number one hit that year you know. 🙂

Yes at 13 I admit I was in love with Mr Astley. lol :)
Yes at 13 I admit I was in love with Mr Astley. lol 🙂

What were you like at 13?

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