Feast in my fridge.

Todays  Rosalilium Blog Every Day In May challenge topic is all about the contents of one’s fridge. Well confession guys ! On a usual day I couldn’t tell you whats in our fridge………….because it is almost always my other half who does all the food shopping. And he does most of the cooking too! Shocking! Yep! I know I am extremely lucky. When we moved in together we had both lived on our own ( apart from a few diversions) for quite a while. Cooking was never my forte. Give me a ready meal any day! Wil , however quite liked to cook, ( he finds it theraputic?? ) so…..many years later he still likes to cook. And as I work in a supermarket, food shopping is to much of a busmans holiday, right.;)

What is in my fridge??

This morning I did look in the fridge……….and well it wasn’t very inspiring. There is quite a bit of salad in there, the remains of a cooked chicken, a pizza from sainsburys and a tub of crab pate. We are loving Innocent OJ at the mo and the rose wine is my fave.Ok I bought it It today from our local wine shop.I had loved it in a restaurant we visited and tracked it down.Its called ‘Burlesque’ and its the most easy to drink rose wine ever. Its a californian Zindfandel with a hint of strawberries and cream.:)

The contents of my fridge.

What goodies are hiding behind your fridge door? x