Mad Hatter’s Tea Party please…..

I’ve been nosying through my old copy of Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass quite a lot recently. The plan is to have a Mad Hatters type tea party to celebrate my birthday later in the year. There is a quirky Alice inspired tea rooms called ‘Callooh! Callay! near where I live , which I have booked already.Talk about organized!

So my fantasy dinner party would actually be a tea party and my fantasy guests ( other than my lovely friends ) would probably be a motley crew of Wonderland characters. The Mad Hatter would be there of course no doubt dipping his pocket watch in his tea and I would save a place for the Dodo because he looks so distinguished. I adore cats so the Cheshire cat, or at least his grin :), could sample a jam tart or two.There should definitely be some royalty so maybe The King and Queen of Hearts could reside over the proceedings.Maybe not The Red Queen as she seems a little to generous with her execution orders. The Birthday girl would like to keep her head. I would ask the Lion and the Unicorn as long as they don’t fight to much for the crown…….and they must provide Plum cake.I would be chuffed to see a rocking horse fly and maybe a bread and butterfly at the table. And Alice too accompanied by the lovely doe eyed fawn. In fact everyone should pull up a chair!
cheshire cat
alice and fawn
lion and unicornrocking horse fly

As for the menu ~~there will be lots of tea and cake of course. Researching the stories, the food in Alice and Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass is not terribly exciting…..but i’m sure it could be adapted. Plenty of bread and butter appears,Turtle soup ( hmmm maybe not! ),Mutton Pie,Plum Pudding,Comfits,Tarts and er dry biscuits. I’m quite liking the sound of Looking Glass Cake though that divides itself into portions when served. πŸ™‚

Alcohol is even mentioned a couple of times. Here is an odd little rhyme :

Then Fill up the glasses with treacle and ink,
Or anything else that is pleasant to drink;
Mix sand with the cider, and wool with the wine-
And welcome Queen Alice with ninety-times-nine!

I might stick to Pink Champagne!

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