Wildlife and Wild Garlic.

may days 031may days 017This morning was sunny and breezy with a threat of rain drops. I thought I would take a walk down the fields and to the river before my overtime shift at work this afternoon. Ha I wish I had just stayed at the river, maybe under one of those large fishermen’s brollys.

Today I came across an abundance of sand martins who are nesting in the banks of the brook and the river.Also a thick carpet of wild garlic in the woods. I will have to go back and pick some. Apparently you can use this aromatic native plant in lots of recipes. Heard the clear song of the curlew and spied a pheasant in the grass. I even saw an elusive Jay but he flew off before I could get a picture.
blossom 007
may days 001
may days 009
may days 014
may days 012
may days 018

may days 021
may days 025

This posts represents day 27 in the Rosalilium Blog Every Day In May challenge.

What wildlife lives near you?

Pictures ~ wild garlic, Cross patch cat, Black headed gull, Bluebells, Cuckoo Pint, Rabbit,Dandelions, Red Campion, Pheasant & Grey Wagtail.

4 thoughts on “Wildlife and Wild Garlic.”

  1. Lovely photos ~ so nice to have such a pretty spot on your doorstep. It’s been great reading all of your posts from your May challenge πŸ™‚ It looks like its been fun to do? x

  2. Thank you for the kind words.:-D
    The challenge has been enjoyable though a little tricky at times. I will miss it when its over but I will also be ready for a few days off.<3

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