Morning Rituals.

Mornings vary in this house hold with different start of work times and alternate shifts. Every other Wednesday though ( thats today !) Wil and I have a morning where both of us go to work around lunch time so yay a lie in……

When i’m on stupid time earlies my alarm goes off at 4-30am and then I leave it on snooze for half an hour. Yes I am one of those annoying people who have to wake up gently and in stages. Abrupt awakenings are not for me! Luckilly the boy friend has got used to my mornings and carries on snoring.

As soon as the alarm goes off we are usually joined by Mrs Tibbs here anyway who insists on nudging us with her nose and meowing vocally until one of us gets her breakfast.


Some mornings I take our dog Jake out for his walk and some mornings Wil does. Every other Wednesday we take him round the park together. Jake has his own morning rituals including watering every lamp post/ tree trunk and saying Hi to every other hound. He is quite sociable for about a minute then gets all old man grumpy.


Once home we both have coffee and toast ( Jake gets fed once a day at tea time….plus any titbits he can scrounge).


And we like to watch Frasier which is on ch 4 in the mornings. What are your morning rituals?


This post represents day 29 in the BEDM challenge.


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