Who Inspires you?

Wow this is a difficult topic. There are so many people I know who I find really inspiring for different reasons. Confidence, Strength, Generousity, Creativity,Get up and Go~ some of the many qualities I admire are found amongst my own lovely friends and family. Here are some of the wonderful people I find simply inspirational.:)

My Mum~mum bought up my sister,brother and I single handed after Dad died which must have been really hard.She has always been there for us all through our ups and downs.

My SisterYvonne is my little sister and she has two adorable kids and has ran her own successful business for years.She has now been brave enough to aim for a different kind of work life and packed up her family for pastures new. I admire her for what she has achieved already…..and for what she will achieve in the future.

Becky I’ve mentioned my friend Becky in a previous post.She is warm and generous and always listens and gives excellent advice. I will say with Becky , you are always in capable hands~ even though she has been in imense pain with her own hands after a fall for nearly two years now.

Johanna is a friend who I always admired for being a beautiful person inside and out…and admire even more now for the fact that she teaches part time and takes care of her two lovely children, one of who’m has autism.

Fi my mate Fi is one of those persuesive people who can get people to do absolutely anything.Her organization skills are legendery…and inspirational!

Jacko and Jo Wow this couple ( good friends of ours) were always unfazed by what life threw at them….even when it threw the worse kind of curve ball- cancer. I wish that optimism had seen them through but it was not to be. Jo battles on looking after their little boys, raising money for cancer research and trying to live her life. She is for sure the bravest person I know.

My Lovely Boyfriend I have to mention my other half.He inspire’s me in many ways but especialy by being an amazing multi-tasker. He must have been born a woman in a previous life!

My Craft Fair Friends I have been lucky enough to meet some awesome and gifted people through doing local craft fairs.Especially Tracy and Lisa who are just so creative with wonderfully generous spirits.

LOu Lou is an old school friend who lives an awesome life in Canada. She was fabulously brave moving away from home and setting up a new life and new career as an occupational therapist.She hangs off rock faces and skis down mountains and is now a canadian citizen. Oh and despite having had two serious ski accidents in the past few years she has battled to walk again….and ski again. How inspirational is that! The picture in this post is of Lou and I at Crystal Cove,Tofino, Vancouver Island.

Who Inspires You??

This post represents day 30 in the #BEDM challenge. Wow nearly there folks.X