One Whole Month!

I’m feeling rather smug and rather satisfied. I’ve managed to survive the Blog Every Day In May Challenge set by the lovely Elizabeth of Rosalilium .And although I occasionally changed the suggested topic I was able to post something every single day .Hurrah!

One of the best things about the challenge ( apart from the great sense of achievement I’m feeling right now. 😀 ) is the fact i have  discovered lots of lovely new blogs. And the bloggers themselve’s all have interesting things to say. Here are just a few I have enjoyed reading ( and will remain to do so) through the month of May.

Picklers Mum
Words that can only be your own.
The Finchs Beak.
Plastic Rosaries.
Is that You Darling?
Lace Lapin
Olive and Harry

So as the sun sets on the BEDM challenge its time for a tea cup toast.

I am having strawberries and cream side kick and my mate Becky is going to try Limoncello.Well thats what was lurking in the sideboard!
Along wirh French Fancies of course.:-D

What on earth shall I blog about in June? x

See you soon……..x