Farewell my little friend. ^^

Its been a sad few days in our household. We have lost our sweet diminutive very vocal little cat  Tibbs to old age. For such a minute moggie ( everyone always thought she was a kitten because of her small stature) she had a big character.Always a noisy girl she had the loudest meow and a purr that resembled a motorbike. When she wasn’t scaling high walls and house roofs like a cat burglar keeping an eye out for other kittys food to snaffle , she was making herself comfy in my lap and gazing up at me with those huge adorable Puss In Boots eyes. She was so sprightly, constantly under our feet, and quite often recieving black looks from the dog when she successfully dodged his failed attempts to herd her out of the kitchen. No place was considered out of bounds for Tibbs.She loved burrowing herself deep under the duvet in the bedroom or any box or bag hanging around was of course a ready made bed put there just for her………




Hope you are in Moggie heaven now Mrs Tibbs. I still can’t quite believe your gone. Miss you so much my little friend. Xx

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