QZINE in Clitheroe


We recently ate out at a new~ish restaurant in Clitheroe. Qzine is situated in the Swan Courtyard just off Castle Street. As it was a warm evening we decided to take a table outside in the courtyard which has an outdoor dining area. Specializing in home cooked Mediteranean cuisine, this bistro serves up something a little different to the usual Italian and Indians we are used to in our small Lancashire home town.

Qzine is fast becoming famous for its sumptious Gourmet Burger menu brimming with such diversely named classics as Sweet Chilli Of Mine ,Fry Me To The Moon, Relight My Fire and Breakfast at Tiffanys. Wil went for the former. 🙂 Who needs Gourmet Burger Kitchen hey. There is even a Cli
theroe Castle Stacker Burger
which sounds rather a mouthful.


I decided to plump for the ‘Something Vegeterian ‘ which is a huge plate of falafels, stuffed peppers, couscous, olives, humous, feta cheese etc served with warm Lavache bread. Heavenly.


Other choices on the menu included tasty meat options from the Grill,a selection of falafel dishes and even some speciality pies.

Qzine was a very relaxed dining experience. The staff were friendly and attentive and the food was divine. And It was perfect to sit outside on a balmy summers evening. Of course now I shall have to go back to check out the interior.Its a good excuse. 😉


The restaurant is open all through the day and until 9 every eve except monday ( until 3) and closed Sundays.

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