Our Jake.

Its been a soul searching few weeks.Summer is here but the hot weather has not been great for our dear old labrador Jake. Just after our camping trip in July he had a stroke. Luckilly it was only a small one but scary all the same. He also suffers from arthritous as many old dogs of his breed do and his back legs are especially bad. And to top it all he is recovering from a kidney infection. Poor old guy is turning into a right pill popper. Jake is 13.  14 in December. The Vet says he won’t get any better. His back legs will give way and there is the possibility of a second more serious stroke.We are monitering his progress, keeping him as cool and calm as possible ( his mind  still thinks he’s a pup but his body doesn’t) and enjoying his company while we still have him. It is so heartbreaking when pets get old.

Me and Jake.
Beautiful boy.

Sorry for a bit of a maudlin post. Any advice on how to keep him comfortable from elderly labrador owners is most welcome. 🙂


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