Foxy Fascination ^~^

I recently read an interesting post over on the lovely Plastic Rosaries blog about the authors love for all things fox related. I am quite similar in that respect.Foxes are such beautiful creatures yet they are probably our most fierce and controversial wild animal here in Britain. We do not have bears. We do not have wolves.We do not have Big Cats ( except maybe the Beast of Bodmin 😉 ) but we do seem to have an abundence of foxes, especially now in more urban areas.

A beautiful Fox Piccie I found on Pinterest.

My experiences of foxes heralds back to my time as a child growing up on a farm at the foot of Pendle Hill in Lancashire. Foxes then seemed to be the bane of our lives , wiping out our chickens and even carrying off baby lambs. Both mine and my sisters pet bantam hens ‘Snowy ‘and ‘Penny’ were killed by a fox. 😦 Dads answer to our fox problem was to let the resident Hunt tear accross our fields, horses and hounds in hot pursuit of a flash of copper coloured tail. And when this didn’t always work ( Foxes are quite wily) some hunters with rifles would arrive.  I remember as a little girl, peering into a sack in the back of the hunters landrover after their expedition and it was full of Live cubs. I never did find out what they were planning to do with them. :/

Live foxes though to me were not as scary as the stuffed variety. Family friends at the time had a mounted fox head on the wall next to their upstairs bathroom.Going to the loo was usually preceded with a laughing holla of now don’t let the fox get ya , hmmmm.Unfortunately I would then have nightmares featuring stuffed foxes hunting for me!

Vintage fox fur, The Time Train Vintage shop, Clitheroe

Despite all this I do feel very honoured whenever I have had the privelige of seeing a fox. And it has usually happened in the city, not the countryside. On visits to friends in London I have spied a fox scavenging around the banks of the Thames for food at dusk, a fox sunning himself on a garden shed roof in broad daylight and another fox watching my train home speed by from a grassy embankment.

Of course now foxes seem to be living side by side with humans  in Urban areas. This of course has been the cause of  controversy in the past with some foxes getting into peoples homes and causing damage and worse. We do not really experience that problem here in my small town….but I suspect I would be wary yet quite delighted if one decided to move in next door….

What are your opinions on Foxes?

Another gorgeous image found on Pinterest.

12 thoughts on “Foxy Fascination ^~^”

  1. Beautiful animals, I always take delight in spotting one-like you normally in urban areas. The very first one I saw was a dead one by the side of a main road as I travelled by bus to Manchester. I don’t agree wth hunting, and in the twenty first century I am sure we could come up with more ingenious ways to fence in our livestock in which to thwart Mr Fox. I guess if I was farmer though my attitude towards them would be different.

      1. Basically a fox and a scorpion need to cross a river. The scorpion asks the fox can he ride on his back when he swims across. The fox says no as he will sting him. The scorpion reassures him he won’t as he needs to cross. So the scorpion gets on the fox’s back, and they set off. Half way across the fox feels the scorpion sting him. As the poison begins to take effect, he asks “Why did you do that? Now we are both going to die?” The scorpion replies “I couldn’t help myself, it is my nature.”
        Something along those lines.

  2. As my new name is ‘Fox’ I am now a lover of the animal and did go a little mad with buying pieces with Foxes on with the run up to the day! We see them a lot near where I live.

    1. Usually see them when you don’t expect too I think. Have not seen one where I live now even though it is quite rural……but I am sure they are around! Thanks for inspiring me to write this post. 🙂

  3. Fab post! I’m fascinated by foxes too, although often get fox anxiety because of our chickens!! Funny to hear your tale about the fox head on the wall! Sad about the cubs though… My daughter has been in ‘Fox Class’ for the last two years in school which was pretty cool, especially as her hair is fox coloured! 😉 she’s moving on to Badger Class in September though. Lol.

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