A Nautical Inspired Hen Do ^^^^^^

When my childhood friend Arwen asked me to be a bridesmaid earlier this year I was delighted to accept. My how time has flown by ! Only three weeks until the wedding now ( eeeeeak!). At the weekend it was the brides Hen Do and as one of the bridesmaids it was my duty to have lots of planning meetings with my fellow bridesmaid Vicky ( usually down the pub 😉 ) in order to organize the Hen’s celebrations. Arwen wanted to keep things simple so we decided on a lovely buffet at our local wine bar ‘The Emporium’ in Clitheroe. Vicky came up with the great idea of a nautical/captain’s table theme which would tie in with the bride and grooms planned honeymoon cruise. We were able to reserve a stylish alcove in the hen party venue which we decorated with blue, white, silver and red balloons and colour co-ordinated bunting. Guests were asked to wear a nautical inspired outfit or something glam they would wear to the captain’s table. The bride looked fab in a floor length red dress. And everyone else scrubbed up nicely too. 🙂

The beautiful bride and bridesmaid.
The beautiful bride and bridesmaid.
The brides sister Robin made these fab nautical inspired cup cakes.
The brides sister Robin made these fab nautical inspired cup cakes.
Ahoy there captain !
Ahoy there captain !

arwens hen do 033

Marshmallow Mouth!
Marshmallow Mouth!
Glam guests :)
Glam guests 🙂

arwens hen do 037

As well as drinks and yummy food there was a little book for everyone to write well wishes and marriage advice in. And of course we played a couple of fun games too! One was called ‘Mr and Mrs’ which involved the bride guessing her husband to be’s answers to a list of questions we had set him. The fun part was whenever Arwen got a question wrong we bobbed a marshmallow in her mouth, which she wasn’t allowed to swallow.;). Another game was ‘Guess the celebrity Bride.’ Guests brought along pictures of famous brides and we covered the brides heads with post it notes. Our bride had to then ask three Yes/No questions and if she couldn’t name the celeb she had to do a dare. She could nominate the guests to do dares too ! We all ended up out round the pubs later. Didn’t realize I could still dance the night away until half two 🙂 All in all a very good Hen Do ! x

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