Teacup Treats. :)

Although I havn’t done any fairs recently I have still been looking out for teacup treasures. 🙂

At the wknd I quickly bobbed into a gorgeous Crafty Vintage Fair at the st Marys centre ( inbetween bridesmaid dress fittings and
bridesmaid hair do practices!) and was quickly confronted by these beauties that caught my eye. First off a lovely  floral trio with no markings to say who made it but pretty all the same.


Then I spied another delightful trio. This elegant pale green and white and gold pattened teacup, saucer and side plate are made by Royal Vale. I love the colours. 🙂


Of course another great place to find Teacups are Charity Shops. Sometimes you can be really lucky and bag a bargain and other times they might guess there are crazy teacup ladies in town and hoist the prices up. ( I’m one of them by the way!) Unfortunately I do find it almost impossible to resist a ravishingly retro teacup such as this one. I think my mum had the set this came from in the 70’s. 🙂 Its called Delphine.


Today walking home from work ( which does mean passing an abundence of charity shops) , I spotted this rather lovely pale rose teacup trio in Oxfam. I love the pretty scalloped shape of the cup. 🙂


Last but not least I found a stunning set of these white and gold Royal Vale teacups & saucers. I really think these beauties will make adorable christmas candles. What do you think?


So some of these teacup treats I shall keep and some I shall turn into trinket stands and candles. I suspect I may find even more at the weekend as I believe there is yet another Vintage fair on in Clitheroe. Teacup Heaven!

If you like teacups you may want to look at my facebook page Mrs Tibbs Teacups & Candles. x

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