A Vintage Afternoon.

Saturday afternoon I met up with a friend for a brew, a natter and a scout round a vintage fair. The Chic Vintage Fair was held in the St Marys Centre in Clitheroe and was packed to the rafters with glorious vintage homewares,clothing and collectables. Its always fun mooching round these types of events as you often spot something that reminds you of your childhood. I get ridiculously nostalgic when I glance upon a slideshow View Finder or a Mr Frosty slush maker!
And you also come accross unique gift ideas when people get crafty with their vintage. 🙂

Good Enough For The Queen. 🙂
Pretty Perfume bottles.
Teacup Fairies from the fairy santuary. 🙂
Beautiful trinket stands made from vintage china and glass ware. Love it. 🙂
Vintage clothes rail

After the fair my friend and I went to the Exchange Coffee Company for a brew. She was short on time so after she left for home I couldn’t resist on going back and buying a string of pearls for a friends birthday and this beauty for my bedroom.

I love this teacup covered in cath kidston fabric and lace. 🙂

Then as I ambled home I couldn’t resist bobbing into Callooh Callay on Moor lane for a nosy in the Curiousity shop upstairs.

Alice in wonderland fabric.

Romeo and Juliet Teapot
Retro kitchen appliance
Old Mags.

And yes you guessed it ……. I treated myself to a slice of Bakewell tart in the tearooms downstairs. Naughty but nice. 😛


6 thoughts on “A Vintage Afternoon.”

  1. Looks like a wonderful fabulous vintage day. I love vintage, even wrote a fictional novel about it. girlinthejitterbugdress.com. I love tea as well and have formed a vintage tea group in my little Texas town. aI see your other blogs talk a lot about tea, and will check them out! Oh, and just for the record, what do you do with the fabric lined tea-cup?

    1. Thanks for dropping by my blog.I love that you have formed a vintage tea group.:)
      I will have to check out your novel too.
      The teacup is on my dressing table and i am keeping jewellery in it.Its so pretty!

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