Pets and their Film Stars.:)

Ok here are just a few cute pics of lovely pets who lived movie star life styles with their adopted Hollywood icons. Its a picture heavy Pet post courtesy of my pinterest board. 🙂

Oscar the Pomeranian pooch with his human Jean Harlow.
Pippin the fawn and Audrey Hepburn
Kapi and his human Brigitte Bardot.
Oliver the poodle with his human Grace Kelly.
Marcus the siamese was introduced to James Dean by none other than Elizabeth Taylor.
Here is Maf who lived with Marilyn Monroe
Mactavish the scottish Terrier with his human Bette Davis
New Boy the siamese was a present from Lawrence Olivier to his wife Vivien Leigh
Stylish transport for Famous the yorkie and Audrey.
C the white cat was Brando's biggest fan.
Torga the Lion lived with 'The Birds' star Tippi Hedren.
Here is Mike waking up his human Steve Mcqueen on a camping trip.
And last but not least several multi coloured poodles with Doris Day.Not sure if any of these adopted her after their unusual pampering.:)

Do you know of any pets and their famous humans?


2 thoughts on “Pets and their Film Stars.:)”

  1. I think there would have been a few with their tongues out sharing a bed with the young Bardot! 🙂
    And Tippi may have survived the birds, but I think she’s taking a chance with a lion.

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