The Forbidden Corner.

Having borrowed my niece ( Imogen 3) and nephew ( Roman 5) for the day ,we whisked them off to a land of quirky castles, enchanted forests, underground tunnels and a mysterious maze. The Forbidden Corner near Leyburn in the Yorkshire Dales is a four acre garden of surprises to delight in and explore. The kids loved it though I suspect we enjoyed the day just as much as they did!

In The Dragon's Mouth.
In The Dragon’s Mouth.
Cheeky Cherub. :)
Cheeky Cherub. 🙂

forbidden corner 012

forbidden corner 028

Scary Skeleton.
Scary Skeleton.

forbidden corner 017

forbidden corner 013

forbidden corner 009

forbidden corner 033

forbidden corner 018

forbidden corner 023

forbidden corner 031

forbidden corner 027

forbidden corner 032

Tickets can be bought for The Forbidden Corner  online here.. We had a fun and magical time. If you love Harry Potter, Alice In Wonderland and classic fairy tales then you will find this curious creation absolutely enchanting. 🙂

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