Autumn days

I thought i would reblog a post of mine from last Autumn 🙂
Anyone remember the song Autumn days? x

sunshine and celandines

Ok a tiny part of me is still holding on to an Indian summer : ), but many of my fellow bloggers are already writing about the changing season,hunting in the hedgerows for blackberries and sloes, walks in the country wearing skinny jeans,woolly jumpers& boots and baking apple crumbles.MMmmmmm I’m feeling all Autumnal already!
Thinking back to my childhood, having grown up in the countryside on a farm and attended the local village school, the different seasons all had their own attractions.Autumn was such a lot of fun! I remember playing conkers with my friends,picking damsons and crab apples for Mum to make jams and jellys,waving goodbye to the migrating swallows and running from cheeky schoolboys bearing itching powder made from crushed rose hip seeds mixed with flour. Hmmm I wonder if today’s kids know how to make Itching Powder??
I also have been thinking about a hymn we used…

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