Facing 40 !!

EEEEEEEK In less than a month I shall be 40. How did this happen. How did it get here so fast?? O-oh the Big 40 ! Life begins at 40! And all that jazz. So i’m trying to put a positive spin on it by looking forward to some exciting celebrations. I shall be having a night out round town, a family meal , an evening away ( don’t know where , its a surprise! ) and a Mad Hatters style~ ish Tea Party. Im v excited about all these things……but i’l probably be pretending I’m 30.Not 40 !

Actually thinking back 30 was a bit scary too. In my twenties I was out having fun, going out every weekend, working in a bar and meeting tons of different people. And then you hit thirty and most of your friends are eventually finding ‘the one’,getting married, having kids etc. Big stuff is expected of you in your 30s. So at least at 40 your life is sorted….well, kind of. 🙂

A Long Time Ago I was Thirty !
A Long Time Ago I was Thirty !

My life is pretty much going great at the mo. I’m lucky enough to have fab family and friends and my boyfriend Wil.I have a house that is morgage free ( I must have been the only teenager i knew to take out a morgage ~~ strange child! ) and I’ve got into blogging and doing craft fairs these past couple of years. Yes I have a slight obsession with teacups but I think that shows a certain level of sophistication. Tee Hee ! 🙂 So my thirties have been mostly good. I am in a Happy place. Maybe my 40s will be even better !

Have you any big birthdays coming up? How do you feel about them?