Teacups, Ruby Red Shoes and Vintage Frocks.

This evening I have mostly been making a few  teacup candles, purchasing a pair of  red Ruby Shoo shoes off Amazon and deciding which dress I should wear to my upcoming birthday Vintage Tea Party. Its been a rather pleasant way to spend a few hours. 🙂

A few Teacup candles sitting and setting.

At the weekend I went on the hunt for something to wear for my birthday celebrations . Having booked my fave vintage tea rooms Callooh ! Callay! and sent out invites with a rather broad dress code ~ tea dress, vintage ( any era) or Alice In Wonderland inspired, I realised I didn’t actually have anything to wear myself. Oooops!

One of my Invites. 🙂

My first port of call was as luck would have it , a Crafty Vintage Fair in my local town. I was quickly drawn to this pretty purple tea dress at the Psychotic Monkey stall which was a bargain at only £12-50. I had to snap it up !


I had more shopping plans however. Aranged to catch the train into Darwen with my friend Becky and our other halves as Becky had discovered a wonderful little vintage clothes shop there the previous weekend called My Vintage Having deposited the boys at the pub we spent a good hour perusing the rails at this excellent little boutique. I must have tried on over ten different dresses ! The store owner was very helpful and didn’t mind at all. In the end I decided i would really go for it and bought a black and white polka dot 1950’s style Wiggle dress. 🙂

Wiggle dress.

I had also really loved a very quirky vintage inspired dress covered in ……….cats!  It had a bit of an Alice In Wonderland feel about it i thought. Think the lady at the shop was most delighted when i went back for it. My lovely boyfriend having discovered how cheap pints are in Darwen decided to pay for both dresses as a birthday present. Hurrah !

Quirky Cat Face dress.

You can probably guess that the dress I have actually decided to wear to my birthday tea party is………… the polka dot wiggle dress! Im going to be brave and attempt to look a bit glam. The red Ruby Shoo shoes I have ordered should hopefully look perfect with it. I shall take a photo for you when they arrive. 🙂

I am sure I will get lots of wear out of the other fab frocks I bought too. Have already got plans to wear the quirky cat creation at my next craft fair. Miaow!

10 thoughts on “Teacups, Ruby Red Shoes and Vintage Frocks.”

  1. Sounds like a delightful party and the dress you choose is to die for! I keep seeing cool teacup candles and all I ever worry about is whether they crack when they get too hot. Have you had that problem?

  2. Your going to have a great day and look fab! Red shoes are always a must and with that polka dot dress I can’t wait to see the full effect. The tea cup candles are so pretty also, like the white and gold one.
    Also need to see the purple dress at some point in action, it’s really nice. x

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