Cute Cats and Cake. :)

I love cake of course and I’m a big puss cat fan, so when I celebrated my BIG Birthday last week I had to have an amazing Birthday cake….or two. 🙂

I was lucky enough to celebrate with a vintage tea party at my favorite Alice In Wonderland inspired tea rooms Callooh! Callay!in my home town. They made me a fabulous chocolate cake with candy pink and white striped icing and a very handsome purple Cheshire cat on top. He was even grinning. 🙂 I was glad they limited the number of candles!

My Cheshire Cat Cake. :)
My Cheshire Cat Cake. 🙂

A couple of days later I went with my family to a lovely country pub in the nearby village of Downham for even more celebrations. This time my sister Yvonne and my friend Becky surprised me with yet another amazing cake!

My gorgeous Teacup Cake. :)
My gorgeous Teacup Cake. 🙂

This very cute cake was made by a new little bakery , VANILLAin Clitheroe who bake bespoke cake creations and cup cakes. Look at all the thought that was put into the design. All my friends and family know I have an obsession with vintage china and tea cups. So this delicious chocolate ( yes I adore chocolate too! ) cake was made in the shape of a tea cup and saucer. There is a darling kitty inside the cup and a little owl on the base. The Owl and the Pussycat! There are also tiny sea shells made from icing, decorating the base. I adore the sea side. My loved ones know me so well!

Loving my cake!
Loving my cake!

What would be your ideal Birthday Cake ?