Desert Snow

Wow I love this blog. Partly because this girl has amazing adventures towing a teardrop round the states and she takes fantastic photo’s.Also she is accompanied by her very handsome dogs who always look like they are having the best time. Well worth a read. Today’s post features snow in the New Mexico dessert. 🙂

Travels with the Blonde Coyote

Why winter in New Mexico? Because the hiking is epic, no matter the weather. We’ve had two significant snowstorms so far this year and all that white stuff adds such a stunning dimension to this desert.

When it snows, it’s not unusual to get to stuck out here for a few days until the road becomes passable. That’s one of the challenges to living down a very long, unpaved, private road: no snowplows! I don’t mind though. I always keep a supply of rice, beans, pasta, dog food and books on hand just in case. And when cabin fever strikes, I go for a good long snowy walk!

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