Thursday Favourite’s ‘2’

Here is a list of five things that have made me feel good or happy or glad to be alive in the last week. These are my Thursday Favourite’s !


Fresh Fruit Salad Yes you’ve heard it right……I’ve been replacing cake with luscious fruit. Nah, don’t believe me? Ok, It could never replace cake in my affections but I have been trying to eat more fruit. Luckily the lovely ladies in the staff canteen at work have been busy chopping lots of pineapples,melons, mango’s and strawberries and adding grapes and blueberries. πŸ™‚

We are Family!
We are Family!

Family Get Together ~ I managed to catch up with my lil sister and three of our cousins over the weekend. Far to much wine was consumed but it was really good to see everyone all at the same time. Talk about cheesy grins!

The Midnight Colouring Book.
The Midnight Colouring Book.

Colouring In ~ I have embraced my inner child and purchased this lovely colouring book for………moi! Inspired by a delightful blog post written by Cathy at Red Rose Style it was quite easy to fall in love with The Midnight Colouring Book which is brimming full of gorgeous carnival and tea party illustrations. Hours of colouring in therapy lies before me I am sure. Go to Do You Doodle to view more magical books.

Eiffel Tower Brooch My friend Jo gave me this lovely vintage style brooch for Christmas and I wore it lots at the weekend. Wil and I have talked about going to Paris this summer so if I wear it even more he might get the hint. πŸ˜‰

Paris Brooch. :)
Paris Brooch. πŸ™‚
The Big Bang Theory.
The Big Bang Theory.

The Big bang Theory is back, after its Christmas break. Hurrah! My favourite tv comedy show, it has even almost replaced Friends in my affections. I love the geeky gang. Amy Farrah Fowler is possibly my fave character at the moment. The latest series shows on thursday evenings 8-30pm E4. Are you a Big Bang Fan?

See you Soon. X

4 thoughts on “Thursday Favourite’s ‘2’”

  1. That fruit salad looks delicious! I should be some fruit.

    I gave Jan season 6 of The Big Bang Theory for Christmas, but I don’t think we’ll get round to watching it til about April.

    1. yes it was your post that inspired me.:) And a reader on Twitter who has a vintage caravan park with old circus showmans caravan wants to buy one for the van….and one for herself.Thanks for posting about it.:)

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