Richmond Tea Rooms ~~ Manchester.

richmond tearooms 001

If you happen to be indulging in a touch of retail therapy in Manchester City Centre and you suddenly find yourself in need of a lovely cup of tea and a sublime slice of cake………then I know just the place to go. The decadently decorated Richmond Tea Rooms are situated just a few minutes walk from Piccadilly Gardens. Head for the brightly coloured flags of The Village and they can be found hidden up an unassuming side street in
between Bloom St and Canal St. Don’t be surprised if you catch a glimpse of the White Rabbit from Alice In Wonderland hurrying in the same direction. 🙂

Tea cups galore.
Tea cups galore.

Once inside you do kind of feel like Alice when she fell down the rabbit hole. The tea rooms are brimming with pictures and curio’s inspired by Lewis Carroll’s beloved tale. Eat Me and Drink me are written above the counter. Glass bowls of beautiful hydrangeas and hyacinths adorn the window sills.

richmond tearooms 003

My friends and I were seated at a little table to the side of the counter by a friendly member of staff as it was very busy just before mid day on a Saturday. We all decided that a lunch of sandwiches, tea and cakes would be just the thing. I opted for tasty honey roast ham as my sandwiches filling and a tall glass of refreshing Iced Tea. Gill ordered the same with a pot of rose petal tea and Arwen decided on salmon & cream cheese sandwiches. All were served on pretty vintage crockery.

richmond tearooms 004

Arwen and Gill.
Arwen and Gill.

We had spied the tempting looking cake display when we walked in so it was impossible to resist its allure. 😉

Fabulous Cakes.
Fabulous Cakes.

I loved my Opulent Oreo Cheese Cake topped with strawberries. Gill enjoyed hers too and Arwen was impressed with her slice of Boston Cream Cake. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm.

richmond tearooms 010

Ladies that Lunch.
Ladies that Lunch.

As you can probably guess I could have stopped there all day drinking in the quirky atmosphere and trying out all those deliciously decadent cake creations. There was hitting the shops to be done however! Just before we left a tea party of Alice’s sat down at a table near the window. I managed to take a sneaky pic . They all looked the part. 🙂

richmond tearooms 013

I’ve written this post as January’s entry in the #take12trips challenge.

9 thoughts on “Richmond Tea Rooms ~~ Manchester.”

    1. Its near Canal street so yes go for a nosy and some yummy cake. There is a bar, restaurant next to it to inside which i didn’t get to look at but i think the quirkyness continues through there.:)

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