Passport Tales.

Well Dear Passport, its time to trade you in for a shiny new one. Its ten years since I went to the post office and battled with the photo booth for a semi decent passport pic. Ten years since I treated myself to a lime green soft leather passport holder adorned with cities of the world I hoped to visit. I know it will be ten years in August this year because ten years ago in August 2004 I was one of those silly people who found out their then passport was out of date……… the airport!  Oh the horror, the shame!  I was there in the queaue with three of my best  friends ( we had organized a girls week away in sunny Turkey)  and I was pulled away to one side and gently told I couldn’t board the plane, my passport was out of date by nearly a year. A whole year! 😦  I pleaded it must be a mistake ~ I had only got the offending item six years earlier when I had changed my surname.  It turned out I had presumed when they had updated my name they had automatically given me a full ten years on my new passport. They hadn’t. They had only given me the time I had left on my old one. Off course I should have checked. I should have double checked! My friends jetted off to Bodrum and I made the tearful journey by taxi from Manchester Airport  back to Costa del Clitheroe. The ground could have swallowed me up whole.:(((


Of course since then I have always been extra vigilent with my passport date checking. My non holiday adventure became the cautionary tale everyone I knew  checked their passports by.  I got a nice new passport in a nice new passport holder and I’ve  even  actually managed to get further than the airport on several occasions. Thank goodness!

Although I have not managed to visit most of the destinations on the cover, In the last ten years I have seen the Berlin Wall, visited the ruins of Pompei, holidayed in Spain with the girls, star spotted in Cannes, covered my ears at the Monte Carlo Grand Prix, whale watched in Canada, stayed in a riad in Marakeche and admired ‘The Scream’ in Oslo. Think I’ve made up for my ‘non holiday’ a little bit…

Inside the Reichstag, Berlin.
Inside the Reichstag, Berlin.
Giant Transformer 'Bumblebee' in Cannes.
Giant Transformer ‘Bumblebee’ in Cannes.
Icecream in Amalfi, Italy
Icecream in Amalfi, Italy
Enjoying the sunset, Vancouver Island, Canada
Enjoying the sunset, Vancouver Island, Canada
Beautiful Essaouira, Morocco.
Beautiful Essaouira, Morocco.
Tropical gardens, Eze, South of France.
Tropical gardens, Eze, South of France.

So now I had better get my new passport sorted. We have just recently booked a much anticipated ( By Me!) short break in Iceland for October and we are hoping to go to France this summer. I still haven’t got round to booking anything to Turkey yet though……….

Have you ever had any passport disasters? Just so I know i’m not the only one out there. 😉


2 thoughts on “Passport Tales.”

  1. That must have been a horrible taxi ride home! But you’ve definitely made up for it now. I’ve had immigration problems but not passport problems. Xx

  2. Oh yes I forgot about your experience. That must have been much worse. I got so so spoiled when on my week at home and went on the sunbed every day so i was as brown as the holiday makers when they returned.x

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